Nytie's Roles In Mafia

Nytie's Roles In Mafia

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  1. Akuraito

    *goes to War Room Archive*

    (only for completed/in-progress games. no cancelled. x3)
  2. Akuraito

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Lynched Day 3):

    Pokemon, Shadows Of Almia (Lynched Day 3):

    I just realized that Nytie died both times because of me.


    After my death, too, no less. xD

    Hydra Mafia (Lynched Day 4):

  3. Akuraito

    Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness Mafia (Survived to endgame):

    Skyrim Mafia (Subbed Out, Replaced by Kaustic):

  4. Akuraito

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Mafia (Subbed in for Hitomi, survived to endgame):

    Guardian Signs Mafia (Killed At Endgame):

    Sailor Moon Mafia (Killed Night 3):

    Hunger Games Mafia (Survived to Endgame):

    BTD5 Mafia (Killed at Endgame):

    Disney Princesses Mafia (Killed at Endgame):

    Salem Witch Trials Mafia (Lynched Day 3):

    Sonic The Hedgehog Mafia (Survived to Endgame):

    War Room Mafia 3 (Killed at Endgame):

  5. Momoka
    Nytie was Darien/Mamoru in the Sailor Moon Mafia? I didn't remember that, and that was my first mafia game. XD
  6. Akuraito
    I just went to the first post, saw if he was there/when he died, and copied & pasted. x3
  7. Nytie
    Yep, I was Tuxedo Mask lol

    Also, I was Gale in The Hunger Games Mafia, not Catching Fire.
  8. Akuraito
    Edited. x3
  9. Nytie
    My death in Sailor Moon mafia was so stupid, I accidentally revealed I was the doctor in-thread. Derp.
  10. Akuraito
    How did you do that? x3
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