Stupid things religious extremists may have said

Stupid things religious extremists may have said

  1. Spyspotter
    Here's one: "North America is a Christian continent. If you are not Christian, then you do not belong here."

    "Smoking pot is a sin. If you did not know that now you do."

    "You should get your child homeschooled. In public secular schools, children are taught that they have no purpose in life, are made of stardust, and evolved from bananas. I'll bet one homeschooled kid is smarter than all of the brains at a public school."

    So, have you heard any stupid/ridiculous/preposterous things from religious extremists?
  2. Shiny Blaze
    Shiny Blaze
    "Gays aren't allowed to marry because marriage is Christian".
    With all due respect, this just doesn't make any sense to me
    Marriage is for everyone. Every religion, every belief, every culture, every race, every sexuality.
    "Gays are wrong" in general is very stupid to me. Love has no limits. If you love each other, you love each other.

    Atheist: "What proof is there of God's existence?"
    Christian: "It's all in the bible, the bible is proof God exists"
    Atheist: "Why is everything in the bible true?"
    Christian: "Because God made it".

    Christian: "Atheists can't bring up a cause for the Big Bang or evolution"
    Atheist: "How did God came into existence? Where did He come from?"
    Christian: "God doesn't need a cause".

    Most religions: "If you do that, or that, or you don't believe in our God, you'll go to hell"
    Me: "Yeah, I go to the hell of Christians, Muslims and other religions because I don't believe in God or Allah. And maybe the Greek underworld too because I don't believe in Greek Gods.
    And I'll reincarnate into a fly because I haven't lived a life according to Buddhism. Christians in turn go to Muslim hell because they don't believe in Allah, and Muslims go to Christian hell because
    they don't believe in God

    Important note
    I do not have anything against religion in particular. I think many religious ideas make little sense and are outdated, but I totally respect people who practice their religion in peace without bothering or messing with the lifes of those who do not believe in God or in their God. I sure do wonder about atheist beliefs too sometimes (Big Bang, evolution, how can it all be truly explained) but I don't believe in anything Godlike or something like a spiritual being. So I'm not agnostic.
  3. Spyspotter
    Did you hear of the Westboro Baptist Church? Everything they say is awful.
  4. ルカリオ
    "Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot were atheists therefore atheism is evil."

    "Aborted babies are all in heaven."

    Anything from WBC

    Anything from Jack Chick (you know, those little Christian comic books)
  5. Spyspotter
    "Two men can become friends but not spouses."

    "The dinosaurs were killed by the flood of Noah."

    "If you're not a Christain you will go to hell. So I'll save you by forcing you into Christianity."
  6. ルカリオ
    "After the flood, a volcano scattered all the animals around the world" (like getting the koalas and kangaroos to Australia)
  7. Shiny Blaze
    Shiny Blaze
    I always hate it when Christians say: I'll pray for you.


    Because I don't believe in your God? Ugh. For some reason I just hate it when they say that.
    Oh yeah and I also don't understand Christians who say rapists, murderers and other criminals go to heaven as long as they're Christian, because Jesus will forgive their sins And Atheists in turn, even if they live the best life possible, collecting money for charity, helping others, etc., will still go to hell in their beliefs.

    Buuuut I don't believe in God or any Christian belief or any religious belief for that matter, so I won't go to hell anyway, because I don't even believe it or heaven exist And even if Heaven exists, I'm glad I'm not going there, with many extremist hateful Christians and murderers, rapists, criminals, etc. in it

    *No offense to loving Christians who mind their own business*
  8. kyogre545
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Blaze
    I always hate it when Christians say: I'll pray for you.
    WHY!!? Because I don't believe in your God? Ugh. For some reason I just hate it when they say that.
    SO TRUE!! Every time someone says that to me, I just nod my head and say "Mhm, okay.." A lot of people in my school are (overly religious) Christians. There's even a Christian club in school! I don't understand why there isn't a non-religious club! -_- Every time I tell them I'm a vegetarian(because I am and for some reason, it's a big deal to them), they're like "But animals don't have souls' Who do they think they are?!!? I've never had problems with people I knew who had different religions, but the Christians I know are too much.. :/
  9. SharKing
    I came across this one Pokémon-related question on Yahoo! Answers, and one of the answers said nothing about Pokémon. It was just a simple, unrelated, and uncalled for "accept christ or go to hell". Really?
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