Burgundy's Star Sign

Burgundy's Star Sign

  1. garrison-san
    This is similar to a thread I started in my Conway fan club. Basically, I have this risible fixation with taking a character's personality traits and trying to match them up to the supposed traits of one of the Zodiac signs in an effort to work out when, according to the Zodiac, they might have been born.

    In Burgundy's case, this should be quite straightforward. She's blatantly a Scorpio, right?

  2. Karamazov
    Seems like it.

    But here's something I found on Aquarius:

    When I think of Aquarius what comes to mind are all the friends who have been completely out there, free-spirited, rebellious and brilliant.

    The key phrase used in astrology to describe Aquarius is “I know,” and these eclectic beings generally do know just about everything but sometimes the more immature Waterbearer will think they know when they don’t and consequently they will come off a little arrogant but hopefully they will grow up but in the meantime if you have to deal with a young self-righteous Aquarian don’t even bother trying to change their minds because they know.

    The symbol associated with your sign is the Waterbearer. (Dewott?)

    The Waterbearer is symbolic of the Gods nourishing the earth with life giving energies. This has been the most confusing symbols of the zodiac and probably so since most people cannot figure out Aquarians anyhow because of their eccentric natures. Ask anyone who knows a little astrology and they will tell you that Aquarius is a water sign because it is symbolized by the Waterbearer. However water signs are very emotional people and Aquarians are definitely not emotional but intellectually motivated. Aquarians are called air signs; the quality of mental freedom and intellectual analysis. You are often brilliant and sometimes
    of a genius level
    (Cilan says that she's very talented) but you live in your heads and rarely venture into your emotional hearts.

    Source: Aquarius Personality
  3. CommanderPigg
    Haha, this is very interesting indeed! If Cabernet's a Scorpio, then Dento's like the book definition of a Leo:

    So...Of course that means that I have to look up their compatibility...

  4. garrison-san
    My housemate is a Leo. That description pretty much hits the nail on the head as far as he's concered. Libra might also work for Dento, but Leo seems to suit him just a little better.

    Here's what my sources have to say about the pairing of Scorpio and Leo:

    D'aww, how charming.^^
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