So You Wanna Be Crossover Writer

So You Wanna Be Crossover Writer

  1. NeoMiniTails
    As a crossover reader and writer, I have found that most authors have a hard time with crossovers, the mixing of two shows that may have no relation.

    It's not just fanfic writers but it's also screen-writers; they seem to just not know how to make the formula work.

    So how does one make the formula work?

    First, choose the two shows you're going to crossover.
    Secondly, find similarities. This is probably your most important step.
    Thirdly, choose a theme.
    Fourth, your plot.

    Those are the most important steps, the main one being the second step. This step is what you'll build your chemistry on, that and the theme. It'll also be the one thing that keeps your story natural and realistic.

    Now, make connections. How will this work in this story, what makes it work? Does it make sense?

    For example, one connection I usually make when I crossover sailor moon with Inuyasha is that Rei Hino and Kagome Higurashi are cousins. Why? They look alike and are both priestess. This commonality between allows the reader to accept it as truth.

    Now, choose a plot... And realize that your plot may get complicated as you're deLong with two different rules and now you'll have to equalize on everything...

    Finally, keep everyone in character. Just because it's a crossover doesn't mean anyone should have to change personalities to fit into another story.

    Important: When writing crossovers, remember you must write as if you're writing a novel, assuming the audience knows nothing about anyone there... Meaning it's just like you're introducing them to your reader.

    And also the darker the crossover, the more you should dig deeper into each character...

    Remember: Not everyone needs equal limelight.

    I almost forgot one of the most important details... Choose how everyone will view eachother from beginning to ending... And in your head imagine conversations between them and how'd it go so that even if you don't write those conversations down, you'll know each one's relationship.

    Not everyone should have the same relationship with each character.

    For example in my newest crossover, the relationships revolving around Hotaru Tomoe:

    Her view of Satoshi: she's slowly falling for him, sees him as a loyal friend, and also brotherly

    Satoshi's view of Hotaru: Quiet, lonely, sad, can't imagine leaving her alone

    Takeshi's view of Hotaru: Beautiful and mysterious, often thinks she knows more than she let's on, doesn't trust her ability to analyze situations

    Hotaru's view of Takeshi: Doesnt like when he's around because she feels he takes Satoshi away from her, hates his scent, and finds him perverted

    Kasumi's view of her: romantic rival

    Hotaru's view of Kasumi: A tsundere whose in love with Satoshi, kind and loving, wants to be friends with her:..

    And so on and so forth....

    And have fun!
  2. Glitchitar
    what if we want to do a massive crossover? e.g.: Bones, Soul Eater, and One Piece.
  3. NeoMiniTails
    Quote Originally Posted by MusicNFics
    what if we want to do a massive crossover? e.g.: Bones, Soul Eater, and One Piece.
    Same steps as mentioned before except now you'll have to find commonalities between the three and make it work... also find the differences and make the differences make work in a way that makes sense.

    For example:
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Sailor Moon

    They all have some kind of beasts (monsters) or animals...

    Heroes (some humans having powers and some having creatures to have powers however, there are certain seasons of digimon having humans as having powers.... Some legends of Pokemon of humans having powers)

    Evil vs Good

    Romance and adventure, friendship

    How to make it make sense:
    All humans except for the pokemon characters are from the same world. For whatever reason, the enemy decides that in order for his plan to succeed he must awaken in the Pokemon World ad use that world as a centerpiece of his plan.

    SM main character: Rei Hino & Usagi Tsukino
    YYH man character: Kurama
    DGMN: Tamers cast
    PKMN: Ash and OS girl, DP girl, Brock, Dento, BW girl

    How to make character choice make sense:

    Rei has been having horrible visions of the future that have been worrying her every since the day she met the young man Shuichi Minamino (Kurama.) She well knows of his demonic aura, being a priestess but for some odd reason, she's allowed herself to become friends with the young man... And so on and so forth, ...

    Now, depending on where I was to go with this, it could either go terribly wrong or go magnificently great... But whatever happens, it must make sense while keeping everyone in character.
  4. Light Fang
    Light Fang
    I try but I tend to need detailed info to draw from. Is there an easier way?
  5. NeoMiniTails
    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfang007
    I try but I tend to need detailed info to draw from. Is there an easier way?
    Sorry for the late response. I didn't see your question... until just now. The easiest way is to remember that by doing whatever crossover you're planning that one of the crossed over shows doesn't force you to change the rules of the other show nor does it force you to criticize the other to make one seem too much better...

    From there, just write... However, as a practice, write a three paragraph crossover scene between two characters and see if you can imagine the scene logically ocurring... To test, post it and see reactions...
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