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My Fanfiction

  1. Pokemon Trainer Calvin
    Pokemon Trainer Calvin
    I have a story on It's about my own character's journey through Sinnoh, and he's eventually going to meet and join Ash, but that'll be in the sequel.

    Prologue: Sleepless Snowstorm

    It was a cold and moonless night on the summit of Mt. Coronet in the heart of the Sinnoh

    region. All was silent, save for the howling winds. No one lived this high up on the mountain,

    save for one 12-year-old boy. This boy sat awake on a rock at the mouth of a cave, gazing at

    the clouded sky above him. Lost in thought, he was oblivious to the howling blizzard. He was

    thinking about his family. Finally, his thoughts were interrupted by a particularly strong wind

    that sent a wall of snow at him. With quick reflexes, he jumped off of the rock he was sitting

    on, allowing it to be consumed by the snow. He then proceeded to walk back into his cave,

    laying down in his sleeping bag next to a fire.

    "I'm coming," were his last words before drifting to sleep.

    Well, there's the prologue. I should have the next chapter up soon.

    Until then, review!

    Calvin127 out.
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