Fanfic ideas

Fanfic ideas

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  1. The Miniryu
    The Miniryu
    Pokemon mystery dungeon? Except cut out the being a human to make original? <<< u can use dis
  2. -Gray-

    My new fic, The Nightmare War. It's about a boy who gets sucked into a fight between Darkrai and Cresselia, and ends up with the ability to enter and manipulate dreams. Check it out.
  3. Lifestream
    I'm currently writing two stories in the writers workshop.

    Long Shadows

    Summary: Fallenclaw is a mysterious Umbreon with a huge temper and incredible power. He came to the forest in order to escape dreadful memories. Willow is a young Eevee who longs for adventure, but doesn't want to leave to protection of the forest she calls home. Lynn is a Vulpix and Willow's best freind. She's annoyingly stubborn and thinks that everything she says is right. Lynn, Willow, and Fallenclaw slowly come together, forming a (almost) freindly trio. Follow the trio as they walk the road of Kanto!


    Summary: Misow is an arrogant teenage girl from a village of ninjas, training as an apprentice. She is sent away on her final mission as an apprentice to collect all the gym badges and beat the elite four. Everything seemed so simple until Misow was given a Chimecho, the only Pokemon she was allowed to use to complete the task! Misow sets off, working at her fullest to complete the daunting task by the side of her Chimecho.
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