Fanfic ideas

Fanfic ideas

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  1. Erdrick
    Quote Originally Posted by TeamGalacticMercury
    That is one that original. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    So original, I can't even say how original it is.

    Mine is about someone named Card who travels through the TCG world, dueling Stadium Leaders and trying to defeat bad guys (I forgot what the name is...Card Nappers???), which is something the TCG video game left out. Maybe the idea's used, but the card part...isn't, under ANY circumstances. And yes, it's Training Card game, supposed to be Trading Card Game (how do you change the title?).
  2. TeamGalacticMercury
    I don't know, but it is quite and original idea!!!
  3. Neltharion S. Deathwing
    Neltharion S. Deathwing
    Mysteries of Pokemon Past- When pokemon behaves unusually one time, and someone goes to find out why.
  4. Erdrick
    Quote Originally Posted by TeamGalacticMercury
    I don't know, but it is quite and original idea!!!
    Whoa...that's awkward. Reeeeally awkward. And odd.
  5. TeamGalacticMercury
    Just got another idea!! A galactic/rocket/aqua/magma diary fic!
  6. KronosClownz
    Mines set in Chrono trigger, theres a character named Mikel and he worked with Cyrus and Glenn so he searches for them.
  7. Flame_
    Mine planned is adventures of Flame through Kanto and the other regions. There will be contests as well
  8. AceTrainer14
    I have started writing this one story called Galactic, but I want to know what you guys think of it:

    It is set in Sinnoh and starts off seeming like it will follow four trainers (Vanessa, Matthew, Sahara and Xavier) on their journey through Sinnoh. But then Sahara befriends a boy called Charles, a succesful trainer from Johto, who is then captured by Team Galactic. The four trainers end up being the main people who can stop Team Galactic. There are a lot of recurring characters and I have given the Team G's more original personalities. Ideas, suggestions? The story is on The Writer's Workshop and if you want to read
  9. EdelsteinBraginski_
    Here's mine:

    Ash rescues an injured Zorua (which can talk) and they become best friends. Then, suddenly, TR captures Zorua and actually gets away. Weeks later, Ash runs into a Zoroark, by Silver's side (Silver is a TR executive in this). Ash then realizes that Zoroark was his Zorua. Zoroark doesn't seem to care, because it has turned evil. Silver and Zoroark challenge Ash to a battle.

    That's all I've got so far. Any suggestions? ^///^
  10. Snowcracker
    This is my idea..

    So the first book starts off as a Jolteon who's abused in an illegal battle arena and has tried and failed to escape three times but shes desperate to get out and decides to escape again.
    It then jumps to an Umbreon named Moonlight who, after having another unsuccessful job as a gold sniffer finds the Jolteon and becomes her friend along with Moonlight's sick lil Eevee brother Zack! The Jolteon explains that her name is Spark and that she was a fighter in an illegal battle arena. Moonlight sees how bad of shape she's in so she decides to force her clients to give her money back.
    So then Moonlight decides to steal the money she was supposed to recieve back.
    As she's bringing the money back home a Delibird comes and hands her 2 letters saying that her and Spark are hired to do a bit of work for him/her.
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