Favorite Character?

Favorite Character?

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  1. Regiruler
    My avatar speaks for itself.
    Kisame is a close 2nd though.
  2. shinysharpedo
    Mine was Itachi. His backstory told by madara was epic
    I now hate sasuke for killing him
  3. adit8888
    Quote Originally Posted by *DarknessLugia*
    My favorite is Sasuke he is just so awesome.
    Agree 100%. I like Madara too.
  4. Mama Luigi
    Mama Luigi
    Kisame is my favorite, along with Kakuzu and Chojuro. Konan and Karin are my favorites for females.

    I hate Deidara though.
  5. Matticate
    Hinata is epic, did anyone see the latest shippuden episode when Hinata
  6. raven2052
    Deidara Rules
  7. EspeonFangirl360
    I am in like LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE with Shikamaru. He is just plain awesome wwith his lazy ass.

    The Lee is my second favorite. JUST PLAIN SWEET!!!

    The Tenten as third. I love playing as her in Ultiment Ninja 4
  8. TeamRocketDT
    Gaara, Sasuke, Sai, Shikamaru, Naruto, Kiba, Rock Lee, Deidara, Neji, Tenten, Ino, Sakura, Hidan, Kakashi, Kisame, and Asuma :P
    I have some mixed emotions about Itachi >.<
  9. TeamRocketDT
    OH! And Tobi!!!
  10. EdelsteinBraginski_
    The entire Uchiha clan, especially Sasuke and Itachi. But, Madara and Obito come in close second.

    SPOILER: I love Tobi too (Since he's Madara). Tobi's a good boy!! :D
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