How did you become a Morty fan?

How did you become a Morty fan?

  1. Juuchan17

    Here's a question or two (since I've nothing better to do): What got you so interested in Morty? What was it about him that intrigued you? (since this IS a fan club for him, it makes sense)

    For me, I just got into the Morty fandom (strange, I've played Silver from the beginning . . . Why didn't I get into him back then? D: I blame the remakes for getting me hooked on him (not to mention the Sacredshipping thread and Shiay's pics later on . . . I LOVE YOU. <3), but I think it's the whole mystic thing about him that made me instantly like him. *been reading Pokespe manga a little too much lately, yes?* I have yet to see him in the anime, but it'll be soon. (Dial-up at home and lappy with wireless issues sucks sometimes. TT____TT)

    Plus, I like his taste in outfits and ghosties. <3

    gah, I am so pathetic.

    All right, what about you?

    - Juuchan17
  2. Shiay
    *rubs the back of her neck* Ah... well.... I've always been rather fond of Morty since watching the episode he was introduced in. I just thought he was kind of cool mainly because Gastly, Haunter and Gengar were my favourite Pokémon -- and he had them all as his Pokémon partners! ;w;~ I was young at the time, so it wasn't because I found him an incredibly attractive character .D.~

    I've also been a fan of the occult and other things that Morty's title may have one thinking about. I find that supernatural powers or abilities are just very cool (and definitely very fun to work with when writing fanfiction).

    Now that I'm older -- I've come to find that I have a thing for guys with medium length hair .D.~ Not to mention that Morty's pretty much just cool in general ~
  3. Kokoro
    He's both hot and cool
  4. ~DawnFairy=)~
    Not sure, I guess I always liked him since I first saw him from the anime (even though, i used to not like gengar much for some reason when I was younger...not quite sure why *shrug*).

    He is pretty attractive, too, though. :) ^_^

    And he seem's to have a nice, calm persona, too^^ I also like that.
  5. LegendaryRose
    Um...*blushes*To be honest, I've been a loving fan of Morty's since I played Gold, Silver and Crystal version and got his phone number in Heartgold and Soulsilver, ironically, my Togetic in Soulsilver is named Morty after him...I happen to be a member of Fanpop's Morty/Matsuba fan Club too, in fact I LOVE HIM so much that my fanpop avvie is of him, and my motto is "Morty is AWESOME!"
    If I ever met Morty, I'd say "Oh my gosh, it's Morty, no way!!! Hello, nice to meet you, by the way, I'm Rose, and I'm a huge fan of yours, how are you? May I tell you that you're AWESOME? Yes? Ok...YOU'RE AWESOME, MORTY!"
    Um, don't laugh, but...I think Morty is cute! I kinda have what you call a Pokecrush on Morty!
  6. BettyN
    Ah, Morty... Where do I start?

    GSC were full of some pretty boys, and Morty was, no question, one of them. How could 10 year old me ever resist this dreamy blonde seer? He was mysterious, yet friendly, and he liked Ghost Types, and Ghost Types are cool. He also had an interest in Legendary Pokémon, which is always cool. I was glad to see Crystal and especially, HGSS flesh him out more.
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