Colosseum or XD?

Colosseum or XD?

  1. Mijzelffan
    In which game do you like him better?

    I like him better in Colosseum myself, because I like the outfit better, the music better, and he's just cut out to be an admin of some sorts.
  2. ScarletSky
    Coloseum. Better outfit.
    XD had better music though... But that golden outfit+fro' was the most memorable form for me. When is he coming back? Also a Miror B. Moon walk would be awesome.
  3. Umbrella
    Coloseum cause IIRC Miror is not a Cipher Admin in XD anymore
  4. Cross Poison
    Cross Poison
    Colosseum because of the outfit, XD for the music

    mostly colosseum because of the room with the dancing ludicolo's

    though they are outside the lighthouse too
  5. EdelsteinBraginski_
    Colosseum. Definitely.
  6. shinysharpedo
    Colluseum had better outfit and actually had a plot, but XD had better music.
    Seeing how I battled him alot, I say XD
  7. Super Seaking

    XD had a better outfit and better music, I think. But his music in Colosseum was more unique.
  8. Bandit Keith
    Equal. Colosseum had a better outfit and more Miror B. Peons(REATH N FIRMA, Y U NO FOLLOW TRUDLY AND FOLLY?), but XD had moonwalking and a better, less generic role...both had equally awesome music, though.
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