1. Mintaka
    What a surprise...I get a Fan Club.

    ...but actually, all I did was post, chat, trade, and recently play some games.

    Thanks Shellshock for making one.
    (...may I ask why you didn't tell me about this? LOL)
  2. Surferboy
    Lets just leave it at merry christmas ^^
  3. Mintaka
    Okay then...
    If you were planning it as a surprise or something, then sorry for ruining it.
    I found this club by accident when I was taking a look at someone's userpage (as I've been trying to find ideas for a good layout), and it said "Viewing: Mintaka Fan Club." and I was like "WHOA!? WHAT?"
  4. Fleeg
    Huh? Name change much?
  5. Mintaka
    Yeah...I have been wanting to change it sometime (BLAME Resiram/Twiggy for tempting me, lol )
  6. Terrell
    hmm so twiggy temp Min to change her name. XD
  7. Mister Insufferable
    Mister Insufferable
    *Throws rock at twiggy*

    Anyway, you sure deserve one. Your hilarious/brilliant/awesome/a were mon/ awesome.
  8. Terrell
    *Got out king chair thanks dude* so those people with big black coats continues. xD
  9. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Did I ever mention i like how this club has proper punctuation?

    Mintaka Fan Club.

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