Your Meganium

Your Meganium

  1. IslandWalker
    If you chose it in HGSS, what does it do when you talk to it? Mine spins, pokes my bag, and does lots of things. Her name is Megan.

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    Megan is the eldest of the pals. She is responsible and usually calm and soft-hearted (mild), but she changes completely when playing with her friends. She does silly stuff (impetuous and silly) with Paulina and her other friends when they can play together. She is a deep thinker and can easily focus on problem at a time, unlike Fergie. She loves nature and likes to lay down on the lushy grass after a hard day's work. She loves her pals like nothing else, and they all play together.
    She is currently at lv. 80 and has these attacks:

    Petal Dance
    Magical Leaf
  2. lovebugbex
    i'm so glad someone else chose Chikorita as their starter, personally i think chikorita is the best starter of Gen 2 but anywho back to my meganium....
    atm Sakura is level 63 and knows:
    Body Slam
    Magical Leaf
    Razor Leaf
    ....trying to level up so she can learn Solarbeam at level 66

    Sakura adores me and normally wants to play with me or is happy to be around me, she also hugs me
  3. IslandWalker
    I'm bumping this, Meganium deserves it. My Megan's time has come, and today she will be growing the final level. This week, all my team will be at Level 100!!
  4. IslandWalker
    Megan, along with the rest of my team, is at LEVEL 100!!!!
  5. Fleeg
    My meganium? whenever i talk to it it says: "Ghillie is regarding you with abmiration!"

    it truely my favorite grass starter.

    mine is LV. 79 and knows: earthquake, solarbeam, frenzy plant, and bodyslam

    niknamed him ghillie. ya know after military ghillie suits
  6. GengarEatBanana
    Mines Soul Silver's in Japanese so I don't know what it says... ;_;
    Unoriginal nickname: Mega, only cause of the 5 letter cap in the games.
    -Poison Powder
    -Light Screen
    -Petal Dance
    I often pick Meganium as the starter as it's the most challenging... and fun ^-^
  7. DracoMaster121
    My Meganium is a female at Lv. 53 and her name is GrassAroma.
    She has the following moves.
    - Petal Dance
    - Synthesis
    - Light Screen
    - Reflect

    I want to get her Energy Ball and Aromatherapy instead of Petal Dance and Synthesis.
  8. Catspring
    Mine is at level 100, my FIRST level 100 and knows:
    -Frenzy Plant
    -Energy Ball
  9. ~DawnFairy=)~
    Mine's male, and called 'Puffpufman' (the. best. SOULEATING. name. ever. i have my reasons :P). His moveset;
    Solar Beam,

    Mostly used on wifi :P and he's pretty powerful! also was my starter duno what he does when i talk to him much i guess not much dif from other pokemon. did find a shiny leaf on him, once, tho :)

    also a level 100 :)
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