May Shippings?

May Shippings?

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  1. Mooites
    So, who here ships May with someone?

    I like her with Drew myself, I just think their interactions were adorable!
  2. JbstormburstADV
    I ship May with Ash and, to most people an unexpected twist, Kelly. I mean, do ya really find that many MinamoShippers that are public?
  3. Midnightmoon602
    I love May with Ash. the chemistry just made me fall in love with the two. ^^
  4. basselope7
    I ship May with myself ^_^
  5. Xsisten
    I also ship May with mysel- *shot*
  6. Blahman
    I'm a HoennShipper myself so yeah...
  7. SpencerRoxas
    I see her with me she is on my Background on my computer with some mods O_o
  8. YoshiSage
    I like most ships with May (I like ContestShipping, SapphirePearlShipping, Frantic/HoennShipping AND AdvanceShipping), but I hate PetalburgShipping...
  9. Jabberwocky
    I don't think May and Ash have any chemistry whatsoever, no offense. I'm a ContestShipper.
  10. mandoiVAGiona
    I ship Haruka with everybody.

    I like her with Shuu, Kanata, Harley, Hikari, Kasumi, MARS (i, of course ship my two favorite characters together!), Wakana, hell I even ship her with Satoshi (even though I got so annoyed with the shippers back when AG was airing.)
    hm ..Musashi, Kojiro, STEVEN STONE, Brenden,

    everyone, plz.
    she looks hot with so many people. *_*

    I'll just say I like all Haruka shippings, aha.
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