How to start with all three starter pokemon.

How to start with all three starter pokemon.

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  1. BlueMagikarp
    What u need: two nintendo ds, two compatible pokemon games(diamond, pearl, platinum), two friends:)

    How long does it take?:
    Option A- 30 minutes
    Option B- a little over double the above= 1 hour 15 minutes (minimum)

    How to Option A: start the game as usual (lets say its diamond and pearl. D and P), D picks grass, then they each catch a wild pokemon. repeat this in the other game, P picks water. P trades the water for D's wild pokemon. P starts the game over picking the fire type. D and P each catch another wild pokemon. P trades the fire for D's second wild pokemon. D ends up with all starters.

    How to Option B: Do the above option.
    Next, P starts the game once again with grass and catches three wild pokemon. D trades his three starters for P's three wild pokemon. D does Option A above in P's place.
    Both players have the three starters.
    P also has the three extra wild pokemon!:)

    The Difference:
    Option A only has three starters for D.
    Option B has starters for both players.

    wi-fi would probably be easier, but i think this trick was made for when games still used link cables.
  2. $aturn¥oshi
    This is already known... Also, what does this have to do with Magikarp?
  3. Glitched Porygon
    Glitched Porygon
  4. new mew
    new mew
    Umm...I could have just figured that out by myself. I thought it had something to do with Action replay. Then, I would have been impressed.
  5. Blazevoir
    This is old...very "people did this back in RBY days" old...
  6. ii kanji
    ii kanji
  7. $aturn¥oshi
    Can social group threads be HoS'd?
  8. Olivia Eon
    Olivia Eon
    Very random.
  9. BlueMagikarp
    I have posted this up because my friend has always had trouble understanding this. So I had to write it down somewhere where he could then look it up if he forgot.
    This has nothing to do with magikarp but where else could I write it?
  10. Blazevoir
    On a piece of paper?
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