Lugia's Song

Lugia's Song

  1. ghaskan
    Here is my favourite version of the beautiful Lugia Song:

    Which is yours?
  2. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    The one played in the dubbed movie:

    Not to diss the original, but I find this version absolutely gorgeous. So powerful and majestic <3
  3. Aerospacer
    I found a techno version of this that I LOVE, shockingly. Maybe some people hate it, but I always imagine it as a fight theme for Lugia:

    YouTube - &#x202a;the best lugia song remix ever (trance)&#x202c;&rlm;
  4. KaiserLugia
    I didn't really like the Techno version, mainly because of the "Pump up the Volume" in there. If that wasn't present, sure, I'd like it.

    And I've gone and *tried* to make sheet music for it. Not the best, still need to organize that strings with different pitches so people can actually play all the notes properly. And still need to add the drums.
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