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  1. RE-Hiro
    Hey, i got the Negaiboshi Jirachi and E4ALL Manaphy!!!! :)

    Sorry EEVEElutionUser, i only have Male Electivires...
  2. gira_great
    hi, I'm looking for the teddiursa family, the clamperl family, zangoose or mawile! I don't know what I you may want, but I have some good things.
  3. Razma
    @gira great:

    I can give you all of that Pokémon if you still haven't gotten them. PM me. ^_^
  4. notalive
    Lookin for TRU Arceus (when it will be avaible), I can offer few events, few shinies, few legend shinies + manaphy egg. And yes, I will give you a clone, RE-Hiro:)
  5. RE-Hiro
    i was about to say that!! XD

    If any of you manage to get a TRU Arceus, please i'll trade anything for it, then clone it, give it back and also, give it to any/all members here.
  6. Bundalings
    Hey Hiro, remember that time I accidentally traded you a hacked Manaphy? Well, now I have an ACTUAL Manaphy from that event. I've checked the dates and everything. It is legit. I wonder, could you trade me the Japanese movie Arceus for it? I also have a couple shinies. I'd like a PCP too if I can find anything in my boxes that you want.
  7. RE-Hiro
    Sure, but from what event is the manaphy???
  8. Munchlax!
    Might anyone have the Ruby/Sapphire Shiny Zigzagoon? I haven't got much, but if someone can find it I'm sure they'll be something I can offer.
  9. RE-Hiro
    Hey munchlax, i'm trying to get the Zigzagoon, as soon as i get it i'll PM you. :)
  10. RE-Hiro
    Hey guys, I need all of you PM me your FC, cause my DSi erased all of them.

    On another note, i just got the TRU Arceus!! :)
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