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  1. RE-Hiro
    Hi guys!!!! I created this discussion so you can tell other members you're looking or offering a pokemon.

    As you all know, i'm looking for an Italian Azumarill!!! XD

    Also, I'm looking for a bunch of Event Pokemon.

    If you have any, i would love to trade, i can offer any pokemon and or item you want.

  2. notalive
    And I'm still looking for shiny rayquaza! I can offer shiny Shaymin!
  3. RE-Hiro
    Hey, i found a cheat code, that force a pokemon to be shiny. I can make shiny my Rayquaza. XD

    Are you interested??
  4. notalive
    and can you make shiny MY rayquaza?
  5. RE-Hiro
    Done, i trade with Notalive and made his Rayquaza shiny. XD

    I'm still looking for this event pokemon:

    -Tanabata Jirachi
    -Birthday Charmander
    -Birthday Pikachu
    -TCG World Championships 2008 Milotic
    -US Video Game Championships 2009 Milotic
    -Pokémon World Championships 2009 Weavile
    -Concert Chatot
    -JB Hi-Fi Manaphy
    -E for All Manaphy
    -TRU Dragonite
    -Nintendo Zone Pikachu
    -McDonald's Pikachu
  6. Bundalings
    Hey Hiro, I have a shiny Ho Oh that appears to be legit (I've shown it to a lot of people and they all agree). Do you want it for your Movie Arceus? Do you think we can trade this Saturday?
  7. RE-Hiro
    Don't worry, that's ok. :)

    Update: I just got the Ageto Celebi, NZ Jirachi and VGC09 Milotic!!! yay!!!
  8. Dragoon Rider
    Dragoon Rider
    whats the cheat code to make them shiny??
  9. RE-Hiro
    check this link, there is a list with AR codes. :)
  10. EEVEElutionUser
    Hey, im looking for an female adamant electabuzz/electivire. Thats about all that matters bout it. Anyone willing to give me one? I can give it back once i breed a few elekids if that matters
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