Official Website - Very Important!!!

Official Website - Very Important!!!

  1. RE-Hiro
    Hi, i created a web for my Linkin Park Shop.

    It was created to expand the number of people who wants to trade. I also uploaded a video on youtube inviting people.

    The Forums also helps to finish trades or conversation when Bulbagarden is down.

    All members here are invited:

    Hiroshi's Linkin Park Official Forums

    Edit: I'm also looking for moderators and advertisers (check the forums ranks). Also, i would really appreciate if you register with the same name you have in here.
  2. mrninja613
    if i can help let me know. i want to give something back, you know?
  3. Atara
    I could also help! I would have to learn a lot though; I've never been anything important on a website, just a n00b or a 'Regular User'.
  4. RE-Hiro
    psuamkpukrian, you could be an advertiser!!! :)

    Check the forums announcements to learn more about it.
  5. Munchlax!
    Wow! I could help as well, if you'd like me too.
  6. Snicker1
    i can help, i'll join it saturday. may i be a moderator? just asking...
  7. RE-Hiro
    I'll close my shop here at bulbagarden soon.

    I have a lot of things to do, but don't worry, i'll keep the shop on Linkin Park open. :)
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