Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other

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  1. RE-Hiro
    i know a little Chinese!!!! :)

    Ni hao!
    Ni hao ma? Wo shenti hen hao!
    Ni xue Shenme???
  2. EEVEElutionUser
    Woot, now its my turn to be lost =D
  3. mrninja613
    thats my bit, so back off. j/k i do like yourguy pics. wish i know how to do that
  4. Quagga
    Oooh!! Hiro!

    Ni hao!!
    Wo shi bu cuo :)
    Wo xue yi dian zhong wen!
    Ni xi huan shen me dong wu? Wo xi huan chang jing lu he bao zi.

    lol its hard to know exactly what you're talking about without the tones haha :)
  5. Munchlax!
    My name is Adam, I'm 11 years old, therefore not even in High School yet.
    I'm from Northolt, London, England.
    I speak English, and also a little German and vey little Cornish.
  6. RE-Hiro
    Quagga, you're right it's hard without the tones!!!

    Munchlax!!! hi!!! and... what's cornish???? o_O?
  7. notalive
    Cornish (from Wikipedia)
    The Cornish language (in Cornish: Kernewek or Kernowek) is one of the Brythonic group of Celtic languages. The language continued to function as a community language in parts of Cornwall until the late 18th century[citation needed], and a process to revive the language was started in the early 20th century, continuing to this day.
  8. Quagga
    Cool! Cornish sounds awesome!
    I really love languages, also.
    I find them fascinating haha I'm a nerd, I know
  9. marin-lover
    Hello! I'm Greg, from New York, USA. Not the city, but the beautiful state that is sadly blemished by the city (IMHO). I'm 24 years old and I'm just a few weeks away from graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University (I never realised how many times I have to press the shift key when I type that XD). I've been playing Pokemon since I bought a copy of Blue way back when it first came stateside. I've always identified mostly with the "catch 'em all" portion of Pokemon, which I guess makes me a Collector. I very quickly obtained "all" 150 Pokemon (I couldn't go to events then for Mew) and tried to do the same with Silver.
    And now, today, I'm literally 10 away from a completed national Dex in Pearl! So, that's me in a nutshell.

    Oh yeah, and I speak almost no Spanish. I took French in high school and plan to move to Canada some day. I watch a lot of anime and other Japanese things, so I've learned a good deal of Japanese words and phrases. I'm far from fluent in anything but English, and my mother is an English teacher, so I'm overly fluent. LOL. And I tend to talk too much when I get going. So good night and thanks for having me!
  10. RE-Hiro
    hahahhaa. Welcome marin-lover!!!! :)
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