Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other

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  1. EEVEElutionUser
    Yea. I took one year of latin. So glad once it was over ;P

    And i love florida. Where in florida are you from?
  2. HeartGold
    You did?

    Im from the Escambia county area.
  3. EEVEElutionUser
    Took latin for one year. im now on my 5th year of spanish. Needless to say, i meet a lot mor people who speak spanish than latin.

    And i have actually been through that area. We have family down in Alabama and we usually go down to pensacola for about a week. Sometimes orange beach or the Fort Walton Area.
  4. HeartGold
    Oh..Im just learning it so i can get into collage later.

    You have? What do you think of it?
  5. EEVEElutionUser
    I love the Entire area. It is a nice mixture of forest and development. And it isn't 2 hours away from the nearest town like my grandparents =D
  6. HeartGold
  7. Stuntology
    Hey guys! My name's Alastair, and I live in BC, in wonderful Canada. I'm 16 right now, so I've been playing pokemon for half of my life! lol! Seeing as the big topic here is language, i'm fluent in English (obviously) and I've got a good grasp on French, so much as I can understand most sentences and speak reasonably well.

    Other things i'm involved in are badminton, soccer, and basketball for sports; and I can play piano, sax, and am learning guitar!

    Talk to you all later!
  8. gira_great
    Hi Alastair! I've actually been to some cities of Canada(I'm Mexican)
    such a nice country, people is so kind and warm. but what is BC? pardon my ignorance lol
  9. Stuntology
    Haha, hi gira great! BC is one of the provinces. It's on the west coast, and I almost live in the exact center of it!

    And i am sorry to say i have never been to Mexico :(
  10. RE-Hiro
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuntology
    And i am sorry to say i have never been to Mexico :(
    You are not missing much... XD

    Good to see you here & wlcome!!!!! :)
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