Getting to know each other

Getting to know each other

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  1. metacom
    I'm Phil, but known as meta everywhere on the web. I'm from the San Francisco area in California. I'm 24. Yes I known I'm old, but hey I'm young at heart =).

    My hobbies include anime/manga, playing piano, and playing tennis. Currently no watching any anime, but still reading One Piece and Fairy Tail.

    Since everyone is talking about languages, I'm fluent in English (obviously) and I can speak Chinese. I took Spanish when I was in high school, but I remember basically nothing. lol.

    Last thing is I'm bi so don't feel too alone Hiro =)
  2. RE-Hiro
    Welcome Phil!!!!!!!! :)
  3. Razma
    Welcome Phil. ^_^

    You are not that old... :D
  4. EEVEElutionUser
    Hey phil. Its not like there is some limit on age of pokemon players.
  5. HeartGold
    I'm Mindy,sometimes known as Scarshadow.I am from Florida. Currently a Freshmen in High School.

    My Hobbies including reading the series Warriors by Erin Hunter(thats where Scarshadow comes from), Playing Pokemon and the Spyro series, watching pokemon, and trading.I also like to draw pokemon, animals, etc.

    As for Language, I am taking Latin and can speak/read a little bit of it.
  6. RE-Hiro
    Welcome mindy!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  7. gira_great
    hi mindy! florida does sound like a nice place to live! so warm, beaches, lol.
  8. Razma
    Welcome Mindy! ^_^

    Let me ask... why studying Latin? I think it is more useful to study Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, etc.

    And yes, Florida looks like to be a nice place to live. :)
  9. EEVEElutionUser
    hello mindy. Is it your first year of latin?
  10. HeartGold
    Thanks for the warm Welcome!

    It is my first year of Latin.I rather take that than anything else because its fun and easier to learn than Spanish, etc.

    Also Florida is nice when it isn't extremly hot, but still it is neat.
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