New Stage discussions!

New Stage discussions!

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  1. Snowcracker
    I'm all for Space Colony ARK. Heck that would be awesome!
  2. Miles Prower
    Miles Prower
    Donkey Kong didnt have a very great place, since it was moving screen.

    How about KROOL's ship from Donkey Kong Country 2?
  3. Togechu
    I've got a bunch of stage ideas..lemme just tell 3 for now.


    Sky Peak(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)

    Nintendo DS(Nintendo DS)

    I've got so many more you like these?
  4. Oblivion
    A Giygas stage.

    Here's how it would work: It's essentially an arena similar to that of Battlefield. The layout isn't anything special. However, what happens in the stage is. The different platforms start having strange effects such as start moving, becoming invisible, hurting whoever's touching them, healing whoever's touching them, randomly exploding, and things like that.

    Oh, and Giygas himself would be in the background.
  5. Kuwata
    I'm not sure if anyone suggested this already, but to go with Vaati suggestions, Dark Hyrule Castle would be cool. Hazards...hmm. IDK.

    EDIT: Being a Touhou fan, I thought the Scarlet Mansion would be cool. I know it'd probably never be used, but eh, what the heck.

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