Advanced Techniques - Brawl

Advanced Techniques - Brawl

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  1. YouArePrettyGood
    Edit: Sigh, here is a better list. wow, I want my morning back lolz

    Here I want to share some of the "advanced techniques" of Brawl. You can post you own here as well. I put some in with a ? because I don't know what to call it.
    These are done with the Gamecube controller, so I do not know if you can do it otherwise.

    I guess I'll start out simple...

    Directional Influence: You can control somewhat how far you fly when you get hit. Let's say you have 100% and you get whacked by a smash attack and go flying. Just tilt the controller in the opposite direction you are flying and you will fly less, giving you a better chance of surviving.

    Edge Hogging: If you want to score more kills when edge guarding, an easy way to do that is to simply sit on the ledge during your invincibility period. You want to time it so you hit the ledge right as they use their recovery move (B-up), so they can't hurt you and they just fall. You can also tap the R button to roll so you don't get hurt. Doesn't work so well on people like Ike or Snake. Works great on Lucario, because his recovery doesn't attack.

    Dash Throws: I use this word to say two things. The first one involves grabbing your opponent over and over again. Characters such as King Dededee or Captain Falcon can do this (feel free to try other characters...). Basically, you grab them and then throw them in the direction that allows you to run at them and grab them again. The second involves throwing items. When you throw the item you can slide across the stage (some more than others and some none at all :( ). To do this, you can either press Y a little before you throw it, or you can just tap the controller in the direction you want to slide while pressing R + A to throw. Especially useful for Diddy and Peach, as they can make their items appear.

    Juggling: This can only be done with Ice Climbers. Just grab someone with Popo, throw them down, then jump and press A + forward (the direction you are facing; and only Nana will do this as Popo is still in the process of grabbing), then press B and Popo will shoot out an icicle. Then just simply run over and grab them (they will be helpless) and repeat.

    Team Juggling: I suggest only doing this when the other enemy team member is gone (2v1). Have one person grab and then just keep whacking him (don't throw) and have the other person stand a character length away so that when the other guy wriggles free, the other person can just grab him and start whacking him. Once he has high enough damage, just charge the smash attack while the other guy is holding him and WHAM lol.

    How to Smash Attack while holding an Item: Just hold A (if it is an item you throw, pick it up with A and then just hold it down) and flick the C-stick up or right or left. I can't remember which way but I can tell you it works, even if it is only the forward Smash Attack.

    How to go through walls: This only applies to custom stages. I've gone through walls in regular stages, I just don't know how I did it. The custom stage has to have a solid block with nothing below it and to the side of it there needs to be a thin platform that you can move through, up or down. You need to be moving up through the thin platform while tilting the control stick in the direction on the solid block. You need to be at the corner of the solid block when you start moving up. I'd say you should try it with Mario with either jumping or his B-Up.

    Wriggling?: I don't know what to call it, but you can pretty much wriggle out of things that deal damage and then send you flying, like Pikachu's downward smash or Zelda's forward smash, or even things like smart bombs or Lucario's Final Smash. You just tap the control stick repeatedly in the direction you want to go. Simple...

    Falco Kick?: With Falco, use your running attack and if and when you hit someone, instantly use your Up + A Smash Attack and it will hit as well and be fast. It should like like Falco ran and kicked, and then did his upward kick really fast.

    Pika Tele-Smash?: With Pikachu, use your B-Up on the ground to the side, then down, then down + A. It should look like you used quick attack to the side, then quick attack down to the ground, and then your downward aerial attack.

    Snake Slide?: With Snake, use the running A attack and then right after that do the upwards smash attack. It should look like Snake started to roll, and then he starts charging his A-up Smash while sliding a great distance. You can try this in a slow mode so you can see when exactly you have to use his upwards smash attack.

    PK High Jump? and PK Glide?: With ONLY Lucas (sorry Ness), you can jump up extremely high and then glide across the stage. To jump up really high, jump once into the air and then jump again while pressing side B (PK Fire). To glide, you have to be moving in the air really fast or start up really high. If you are high, then you have time to start building up momentum. To build up speed, shoot PK Fires into the opposite direction you want to go and you will be pushed backwards from the PK Fire. After 3 PK Fires, you should be moving pretty fast. Once you are moving fast, press B-Down while facing the opposite direction you want to go and it should double your momentum away from where you are facing, which means if you get hit and go flying, you can use B-Down in the direction you are flying to change the direction of the momentum into the other way.

    Meta Vanish?: I suggest you don't use this move, but I'm putting it here anyways because I know it. Meta Knight can use his B-Down to disappear forever. Just press B-Down and then tap up (or down, I don't remember) on the C-Stick like crazy.

    ZSS change: I know two ways to change into Zero Suit Samus (ZSS). The easier one is to hold R (or L, I forget... jeez I'm doing this wayyy too much) when selecting Samus and to continue to hold R/L until you select the stage for the match. The harder one is doing in-game. Just tap up and down on the D-Pad (alternating) really fast. It has to be like super fast though, or it won't work. Works for me :D.

    Bridge of Eldin Glitches: Though there are several, don't use these in competitive game play. All of these involve using a Final Smash at the right time (sometime when the bridge is being restored). The best one is the COLOSSAL Jiggly. You also will want a second player as Yoshi. Just jump in the empty spot when it is being filled and use the Final Smash. Then have Yoshi use his standard B attack on Jiggly, and when it pops out of the egg, Jiggly will be even bigger. You can do the Yoshi trick until Jiggly dies from being too big (hits the boundaries lol). Another one is with characters like Kirby or Marth. Time it so you get interrupted by the bridge when it zooms in and it will stay zoomed in. Another is Rob. It will just make it so his Final Smash lasts forever... sooo gay.

    I could talk about priority, move decay, or how to play as the Master Hand in Melee (if you really want to know, just look it up) but who cares.

    Sorry if you can't do it because you don't understand what I'm saying .

    Questions/Comments/Concerns? Just post so I know someone read this .
  2. Legendary Master
    Legendary Master
    Why is everything being explained as if being used on a Gamcube controller?
  3. EEVEElutionUser
    Because the gamcube controller is amazing.

    Shield grabbing should defiantly be on here.
    While holding shield, press the grab button. It skips the shield lowering frames.
  4. AlexandraTheZoroark
    Peach Bomber Chain: Keep doing Peach Bomber with Peach by using the control stick and B button repeaditly
  5. SaffronGamer
    suicide kirby in ssbm/ssbb (doesn't work in the oringinal version)
    sucks me up
    waits a few seconds
    jumps off the cliff
    i finnally get out
    and i fall to my death while kirby floats back up with its "broken" jump skills
    (the computor player never does this to me but i do it all the time, then my friends learn it and do it to me...)
  6. The Hoopster
    The Hoopster
    Here's a different tactic I like to use involving items. t's best used with a Beam Sword or another melee item. It's also good for items with a set amount of shots (rays, Firecracker launchers, etc.). First, pick the item up.(duh) Use it up if possible, then get in a good position for throwing. After you throw it, run over and grab it before it touches the ground. Repeat over and over and over until it disappears or you win.

    P.S. I wish you could use the GameCube controller with the next one...
  7. Gaga
    Quote Originally Posted by Venomking
    P.S. I wish you could use the GameCube controller with the next one...
    The WiiU pro controller is similar except much better.
    It's battery lasts for about 80 hours too. Plus you can play while it charges anyway.

    Also, drill kick rest with Jigglypuff.
    Down air and then rest while enemy is momentarily immobile. Barring perfect DI from your opponent, you WILL succeed if you aim and time it right. It's even more vital to know the size of everyone's hitboxes if you're a Jiggly fan.
  8. Enzap
    The GC controller or Pro controller are really better and easier to use than the Wiimote. The buttons are closer together, it's easier to hold, just generally less awkward.

    One technique that's really more of a glitch is creating an infinitely exploding bomb with King Dedede and Snake. I don't think anyone's brought this up yet. Basically Snake plants a bomb with his down Smash, and then try to suck it up with Dedede. The bomb will explode for as long as you continue sucking.

    It's not particularly useful, but it looks cool.
  9. Gaga
    Yep, the Pro controller really feels like a less weirdly shaped GCN controller.

    More Jigglypuff tips! Some may be obvious but I want to encourage new Jigglypuff players.
    - Jump off the stage but above and very near the ledge then Sing. This will cancel Sing's animation while you automatically ledge grab and if the foe was near they'll be asleep; leaving you with more than enough time to use Rest/Rollout.
    - WALL OF PAIN. Use Jigg's top air movement and juggle foes offstage with her back kicks until they die. Harder in Brawl but still very possible and powerful.
    - Use Rest anytime you can (but only if it's worth it). Marth, Mario, Luigi, Dedede, Lucario, etc are all open after their up-B. Kill them!
    - Jigglypuff has an infinite jab lock that takes practice but is essentially instant death if you can land it.

    All is fair in Jiggly war :3
  10. Enzap
    I've tried the Wall of Pain but it's really tough. x_x Maybe I just need more practice with Jiggly.
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