1. Rayne
    In Soul Silver I got into a habit of using short punchy names for my pokemon...except I realize that my Leafeon came out of a special trade so it's name was stuck as Evelyn. But I like it still.

    In Black I have two Leafeon, Fiernae for the DW and Clover for battling.

    Fiernae is something I made up to be derivative of Fern.
    Clover is meant to combo with DW Vulpix which I plan to name Crimson. A cookie to anyone who gets the reference X3

    Do any of you guys use special nicknames?
  2. Sonico
    I use Mosspelt for my main leafeon.

    You know, after warriors. XD
  3. Rocker32703
    I actually dig Evelyn and Clover, and Mosspelt's nice too.

    My personal favorite name is Autumn for a female Leafeon. It isn't overtly original but I find it fitting.
  4. LichenLeaf
    I named mine Mosspelt too! And also LichenLeaf... hence my name ;) I always had trouble thinking of male names, though. I have a male named Jack, for lack of better options.
  5. Dolce
    Let's see I have 3 Leafeons now:
    -My 1st one I ever got is named Ivy
    -My second one is named Wonder cause the leaf on their heads reminded me of a question mark so I wanted a name dealing with curiosity
    -My last one and only male one is Leif
  6. King of KOTBC
    King of KOTBC
    I named mine Soy Verde which translates to Im Green
  7. The Froakster
    Verdant if a male, Leafia if a female.
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