Episode 11 Talk

Episode 11 Talk

  1. Joshawott
    (Discussion got boring. Talk sounds cool).

    So yeah, the new arc begins! I have to say, Inaba has changed quite a bit - she's more open now, which I really like. Also, her as a little kid was the most adorable thing ever.

  2. Blazaking
    Wow, I was not expecting this new thing at all! At the start of the episode I was like "LOL is Taichi dreaming or something?"

    But man, great episode. This seems like it's gonna be a pretty great arc. Young Inaba was soooooooo cute!
  3. Adyniz
    Aoki was the cutest XP

    Well.... This age reversal thingy was certainly unexpected.
  4. Tsutarja
    Young Inaba was the cutest of all. <3

    Also, it was about time Aoki got some development. The new ED is amazing. :D
  5. Joshawott
    I kind of spoilt it myself by looking at the illustrations in the light novels I own.
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