Episode 10 Discussion [Spoilers, as usual]

Episode 10 Discussion [Spoilers, as usual]

  1. Joshawott
    So, episode 10 has aired and the Kizu Random arc has finally come to an end...and boy, what a way to end. All my Inaba feels...all my Inaba feels.

    Iori's confrontation with Inaba was really emotionally charged; I was wiping away tears watching it. I did feel that the "We both like the same guy, but we can still be friends" thing was a bit of a cop-out (shame that can't happen in real life), but the emotion that was put into it really made up for it. Heartseed's return seemed a bit half-assed (seemed like he was trying to rush this arc to a conclusion himself as he had become bored). Seeing Inaba cry when she found out Taichi had only fallen out of a tree though...has Inaba been more adorable?
  2. Blazaking
    Inaba's breakdown sure was something. I really liked it.

    And yeah, crying Inaba when Taichi fell was adorable. xD She was like a little kid!

    And then her reaction after the kiss... quite a bit of character expansion for her.

    I wonder what the next "thing" is gonna be.
  3. Tsutarja
    My favorite scene was definitely Inaba being embarrassed after kissing Taichi. :D

    She grew on me a lot in this episode, so I really like her now. ^^
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