Be honest

Be honest

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  1. Ademam
    i like them all but are cute sea otter waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more
  2. PlatinumDude
    I'm going with Tsutaja. Don't get me wrong; I like Mijumaru, too.
  3. TeamGalacticMercury
    Tsutaja all the way baby. *puts on biker gear and hops on Motorcycle*
  4. One Confused Spinda
    One Confused Spinda
    At first I didn't really like any of the starters but Mijumaru is now my obsession and Pokabu and Tsutarja look okay though I prefer Pokabu over the Treeko wannabe any day.
  5. Araleon
    Mijumaru is my favorite.

    I like the others too, but as soon as I saw Mijumaru, I really liked him.

    Then it's a toss up that will depend on the evolutions. Just based on first forms, I think I like Pokabu more than Smugleaf.
  6. Dr. Brennan
    Dr. Brennan
    The only one I love is Mijumaru, but I think Tsutaja is okay. I hate the little fire pig.
  7. #Daisuke#
    I love Mijumaru.

    I like Pokabu too.

    But I'm not too fond of Tsutarja...
  8. GloomyDayze
    I don't really like Pokabu (maybe I will in time), and teh grass-snake is cool! So, either it or our beloved otter :3
  9. Shadowlord
    At first I absolutely hated mijumaru to be honest, but I loved tsutarju. I still do, but mijumaru more.
    The little fire pig can roast itself for all I care!
  10. -Gray-
    I like Po(r)kabu a lot as well as poor little Miju, but Wotter Otter is way better.
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