Be honest

Be honest

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  1. Luna Tiger
    Luna Tiger
    Do you also like any of the other starters? We promise we won't rip your head off, no matter what you admit to.

    Because truthfully, if the hate of Mijumaru didn't exist, I would be torn between choosing between it and Tsutarja.

    Pokabu, on the other hand, is on my menu.

    (We do advise to keep any bashing to a strict minimum, as to respect Mijumaru's own benevolence and good heart.)
  2. AiedailEclipsed
    Personally, I like it and Tsutarja. Pokabu can go jump off a boat (just like Chimchar 8D). I'll probably try to get both Tsutarja and Mijumaru on the same game because they're both awesome looking.
  3. Jello
    Smugleaf looked cool but I choose water-type starters anyways so...yeah :D
  4. AceTrainer14
    Pokabu looks alright, but I find a pig that can set itself on fire and turn into bacon too illogical. And Tsutarja looks kind of weird in my opinion
  5. ace the dragon tamer
    ace the dragon tamer
    Ill take pokabu if its ablity turns it into bacon...
  6. Zekuromu
    Pokabu's type will be Fire/Cholesterol.
  7. aeam
    pokabu is the artery clogging pokemon. tsutarja looks like a creepy grass hopper to me so mijumaru is the way to go.
  8. $aturn¥oshi
    I am a fan of Tsutarja. Not so much a fan of pigs. Unless he cooks himself on my dinner plate.
  9. Elphie
    What, no love for Baconu here?

    I happen to like the little guy. (Is apperantly 1-of-a-kind here)
  10. PikaCal
    I honestly like Pokabu (I call Pokabu "Porkabu"), I'm going to get one off these forums when I have the chance to get one.
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