Kirby Fan Club

Kirby Fan Club

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  1. Tropical Torchic
    Tropical Torchic
    Greatest pink thing ever does fry chick taste really good
  2. Oblivion
    Zero Two is awesome.

    ...Okay, had to get that out of my system. Seriously, though. It's got everything: epic music, epic design, easily one of the most disturbing things in Kirby history...
  3. AlphaKirby
    Hehe...I made some Kirby sprites jump around on a web page I was making for a summer camp for fun...
    So yeah, I like Kirby.
    And I was thinking...what would happen if Kirby ate a Pokeball...?
  4. TheCapsFan
    Pokemon Trainer Red sent out Kirby!...?
    Mass Attack looks pretty cool
  5. ~DawnFairy=)~
    Sometimes, I think I possably *AM* Kirby. I mean, I like always wear pink dresses (when its possable), and, I act like a bada**....*smile*

    I miss my Amazing Mirror game. XD; Honistly that game was soo cool :D <3 x)

  6. Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki
    I want mass attack
    Hopefully get it for my B-day?
  7. Wheatley
    *Posts here so it doesn't get removed during the social group cleanup*
    I love Kirby! He's awesome and cute, yet he's strong! XD
  8. Berrenta
    Quote Originally Posted by Wheatley
    I love Kirby! He's awesome and cute, yet he's strong! XD
    Of course he is! :3 I so want to hug him! X3

    Hpoefully I will play some more Kirby games. Finished Epic Yarn sometime ago; hopefully I will play it again sometime... when I'm not busy with college.
  9. Murkmire
    Hi, all! I'm the new owner of this here club. Don't be shy, be friendly, and let's have a wonderful time! :D
  10. Zexy
    I did some Kirby fanart today.

    ... I know it's really bad, I did it just for fun and I picked Kirby because he is easy to draw anyway xD
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