Favorite Abilities?

Favorite Abilities?

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  1. Tara
    We all know that Kirby has had many, many abilities in the past. But which are your favorites?

    My Favorites

    Main Ability (One Kirby Can Commonly Get [Ex. Sword, Fire, Ice, etc.]):
    Smash (KatAM)
    I find it to be very resourceful. Being that it can clear almost every puzzle in the game with ease similar to the "Master" ability.

    One-Use Ability (One Kirby can only use once [Ex. Crash]:
    Paint (KSS/KSSU)
    I love it for its quirky effects. Such as showing hidden dialogue in "Revenge of Meta Knight".

    Combo Ability (Kirby combines two powers (or a Power and a Helper) to make a new one, [Seen in Kirby64 and Kirby's Dreamland 3, I believe):
    Bomb+Cutter (Kirby64)
    Exploding Surikens Rock xD
  2. CuboneKing
    Suplex, Smash, and Hammer.
  3. Werewolf Hero
    Werewolf Hero
    Eather Ninja or Ufo.

    There all great but Ninja is well a ninja
  4. Pokémad
    The copy and sucking ability.
  5. pikmin
    fighter and ufo
  6. FusengerShadow
    My top 3 favorite:

    1) Fighter Kirby (Super Star) - the unofficial homage to Ryu. I've even nicknamed his special moves the Poyoken and Poyoryuken. :D

    2) Jedi Kirby (Spark + Cutter in K64) - the Force is with you, young Kirbwalker.

    3) Smash Kirby (Amazing Mirror) - I loved playing as the puffball in the original Smash Bros., so having this powerup is just win.
  7. Miar
    From Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

    1. Smash
    2. UFO
    3. Fighter

    Exclusive to Kirby 64:
    1. Flaming Sword (Fire + Cutter)
    2. Fridge (Ice + Spark) because he drops food
    3. Fireworks (fire + Bomb)
  8. KronosClownz
    Kirby superstar ultra DS:

    Sleep ( Fail :) )
  9. Snowcracker
    1)Snowball Kirby from Kirby 64
    2) Plasma Kirby from Super Star Ultra (i think)
  10. Dr. GM
    Cupid Kirby from KatAM and Jet Kirby from KSS.
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