Kibagos evo?

Kibagos evo?

  1. SoleniumX
    I thought this would be interesting.
    People say that Kibago evolves into Ononokusu, and if it does, what do you think of it?

    Ononokusu's this guy right here btw.
    The art is by Xous54.

    and no, the pokemon is not fake, even though the artwork is not offical.
  2. IslandWalker
    Cool! this is AWESOME!
  3. Serenity
    That would be pretty neat. I can see where people get the idea that Kibago evolves into that.
  4. Zwampert
    Yep. I see it too.
  5. Roulette
    I didnt think so before, but notice how they have the same horn-like thing on the back of their heads. That's what makes me think its an evo. Also, Im thinking this is a new pseudo legendary.
  6. Roulette
    I can't figure out what the secondary type might be though...electric? But Zekrom is electric already, I have no clue.

    EDIT: forgot about the tusks and those giant axes coming out of this one. Yeah, that pretty much confirms it for me.
  7. SoleniumX
    Looks more like Poison to me.

    Dragon/Poison type would be pretty bad-ass.
  8. Durbe
    That is epic. Clearly it would be Rock/Dragon or Dark/Dragon.
  9. SoleniumX
    wait whut.

    A dragon/dark would be awesome.
    but so would dragon/poison
  10. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Makes sense where people got this idea from. If it's true I won't be complaining.

    I could see it being Dragon/Dark or Dragon/Poison. Or Dragon/Ground, but we have enough of those already :P
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