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Ask KM

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  1. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    @Kyumorph Because sogros are stoopid and need user numbers for each and every mention, even for members with a single word for their names. :T
  2. Kyumorph
    But my userid is super easy to remember, it's 52228.
  3. Space Opera
    Is KyumorphxMe good pairing? >(
  4. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    @Kyumorph This is true, but it's even easier just to put the @ in front of your name.

    @Mechanical SongbirdDepends on your guises ship name. :B
  5. Space Opera
    Mentions don't work with me like that.
    Sadly, probably OneSidedShipping.
  6. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    @Mechanical Songbird I'm thinking that has to do more with sogros. One doesn't get quote notifications from them either. -_-

    Aw, I was hoping it would be a Homestuck-themed name, since the two of you seem to be big fans of it.
  7. The Puppetmaster
    The Puppetmaster
    What's your favorite fluffy food?
  8. Zenax
    Which type of weather represents you the best as a person?
  9. Space Opera
    May I?
  10. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    @The PuppetmasterCan mashed potatoes count as fluffy food? :D

    @Zenax Partially cloudy with an occasional rain shower.

    @Mechanical Songbird You may. What you may I'm not exactly certain. xD
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