Two Cents

Two Cents

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  1. SwampertShoes

    ...I read them online, perhaps you could fill in the parts like that? Though there is nothing like feeling the page in your hands. ^^
  2. Joseph-B2
    Well, I have the first 14 (15?) volumes between the first two box sets. So that will last me a while (still only on volume 6). After that, I think that if I get to a volume that isn't yet part of a box set, I will just read it online and purchase the boxset whenever they're released. ... or maybe I'll just take a manga break at that time... we'll see.

    Do you guys think all the volumes will be released as box sets EVENTUALLY? or do you think this could be all we get?
  3. SwampertShoes
    I think by then, you may possibly need a manga break. XD Sounds like a good plan.
    To answer your question, I was unaware that all the volumes weren't in box sets already. ._.
  4. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    so I'm trying a nuzlocke on my White 2

    One death, four badges. I'm about to head into Clay's gym (grinding for that Excadrill cause I remember that thing being a MONSTER) so I figured I'd share the names with you guys

    Musashi the Dewott, level 32: Calm nature, named after the famous samurai.
    Amber the Flaffy, level 30: Naive nature, the pretty one
    Anubis the Lucario, level 31: Champion of Elesa's gym (stalling plus Rock Tomb/Dig combo): I imagine him to be docile outside of battle, but when he gets to fight turns into a regular Domon Kasshu (burning Force Palm is his specialty, since he paralyzes practically everybody with it, i swear)
    Ace the Braviary, level 28: the one you can catch on Mondays. High flyin, risk takin type
    Mcgruff the Growlithe, level 30: loyal, dependable guy
    Zoroark (N's Zorua) Level 30: new guy, only joined to find his friend and ask him WHY he left
    Garth the Elekid soon to be Electabuzz then Electrizer: named after Lightning Lad from the Legion of Superheroes, hasty nature, very impulsive fighter
    Hamma the Darumaka: she's a brickhouse of PAIN
  5. Boyblunt
    You appear to be up to date Joe. Definitely take a break in between or read a different series. I like to alternate between Pokemon, Star Wars and DC. I even dabble in the Halo books. Don't care for the games, but the books are surprisingly good. Your nicknames are great Ty.
  6. SwampertShoes
    I agree with Blunt! I like them!
    The name "Musashi" just got even cooler.
  7. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    I have my dragon team and electric team then a few of my all starter teams which i will soon use too
  8. Boyblunt
    If you are looking to test them out I am willing to give you a lesson.
  9. CynthiaLover
    Well, like I said AGES AGO, I stared up a "story" team based off the now, most likely, dead thread where I was posting it here (thank you, writer's block and life). But the general game continues, especially today, when I had a lot more time on my hands (stupid mandatory black out). So this is what they look like ATM, though I'm still working on them, especially after my hiatus.

    Geo's Team:
    Torterra (Razor): Male, Level 56, Leftovers, Hasty, Proud of its power, Overgrow, Crunch/Earthquake/Wood Hammer/Swords Dance (Notes: My starter in the game, but third catch for Geo)
    Infernape (Hotshot): Male, Level 53, Fist Plate, Bashful, Good endurance, Blaze, Vacuum Wave/Shadow Claw/Thunder Punch/Flamethrower (Notes: Egg hatched in game, but abandoned by story rival, then the fifth catch for Geo)
    Gardevoir (Lora): Female, Level 53, Wise Glasses, Serious, Capable of taking hits, Trace, Shadow Ball/Psychic/Thunderbolt/Calm Mind (Notes: Caught in game, Starter for Geo in story)
    Staraptor (Hawk): Male, Level 52, Iron Plate, Docile, Loves to eat, Intimidate, Steel Wing/Fly/Return/Close Combat (Notes: First catch in both game and story)
    Buizel (Jet): Male, Level 50, Stone Plate, Jolly, Loves to eat, Swift Swim, Aqua Jet/Rock Tomb/Ice Punch/Brick Break (Notes: Fourth catch in both game and story)
    Garchomp (Jetfang): Male, Level 52, Shell Bell, Jolly, Alert to sounds, Sand Veil, Brick Break/Dragon Claw/Crunch/Earthquake (Notes: Fifth catch in games, seventh in story, also a Shiny w/ Rough Skin in story)

    Back up teammates:
    Gastrodon (Tidal, East Sea): Male, Level 51, Quick Claw, Calm, Somewhat stubborn, Storm Drain, Water Pulse/Surf/Ice Beam/Earthquake (Notes: Back-up Water-type for game, Gen V version of Storm Drain in story)
    Luxray (Pride): Female, Level 50, Metronome, Gentle, Strong willed, Intimidate, Spark/Fire Fang/Ice Fang/Crunch (Notes: Egg hatched in game, third catch in story)
    Lucario (Noble): Male, Level 50, King's Rock, Sassy, Alert to sounds, Inner Focus, Water Pulse/Flash Cannon/Aura Sphere/Stone Edge (Notes: Egg hatched in game, wild "King of Iron Island" before caught by Geo)
    Yanmega (Zipstrike): Male, Level 50, Hard Stone, Modest, Likes to relax, Tinted Lens, Air Cutter/Silver Wind/AncientPower/Psychic (Notes: Final catch by Geo)

    That should sum it up for now. I haven't had much time to modify them lately due to all my homegrown chaos. And thoughts? Anyone willing to help me test these guys for this group? That's all for now.
  10. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    Ill help you test them!

    How's zap cannon on the lucario? And the gastrodon is pretty sick

    Still prefer quagsire
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