Two Cents

Two Cents

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  1. Boyblunt
    Lately I have been reading the Pokemon manga and attempted to recreate the characters' teams. While it was fun this was an exercise in futility. Has anyone else done any team tinkering?
  2. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    uh I've made a team of starters so far

    I got Samurott, Venusaur, Blastoise, Swampert, Typhlosion and soon to have Infernape

    I tried a team theme with dark types when I realized I had them
    Absol, Krookodile, Scrafty, Tyranitar, Weavile and Zoroark
  3. Joseph-B2
    hmm, I've never done anything like that until we started this League and then I made my Ground team.

    I am also reading my way through the PKMN Manga! It's quite good! I'm just about to start Volume 6. Where are you at, Boyblunt?
  4. FallenIdol_453
    I've made teams based on a friend of mine's Pokemon fanfic. It was actually kind of fun, forcing me to use Pokemon and movesets I've never used before. I've never recreated manga teams before though... might give it a try one day.
  5. Joseph-B2
    Fallen - That's neato.
  6. Boyblunt
    @ Joseph
    I think I am up to date on all of them. Pokemon Adventures 15 just came out so I ordered it from Books a Million. That starts the Ruby & Sapphire line. I also read Black & White and am up to volume 8 and I read Platinum Adventures and am up to volume 7. I like Black and White the best. The whole talent agency thing is funny and when Black uses his Munna to eat his dream it is very funny. His team of Galvantula, Braviary, Munna and Pignite is actually functional. Of course there's the blazing rock weakness, but his team is relevant.
    I've never gone so far to recreate movesets just the Pokemon. Some of there moves like "Dodge" don't really exist.
  7. Joseph-B2

    Do you know of a good place to order the Box Sets? Amazon doesn't seem to have them all.
  8. Boyblunt
    @ Joseph-B2
    Try Books-A-Million or If you can't find them on Amazon though they probably don't exist as box sets.
  9. Joseph-B2

    Yea, I guess they haven't released them (yet.) It looks like they have translated the first parts of several generations but not necessarily finished (any of?) them. That's so weird! I bought a bunch of box sets assuming I'd just get the rest as needed but now I'm gonna have all these holes in the story and I ain't gonna read on without a chunk of the story! ARGH!!

    What should I dooooooo??
  10. Boyblunt
    What are you reading because most of the stories I've read so far have been resolved? I only read the ones that are part of the Pokemon Adventures line. In the main line there are 15 books so far. The three off shoots are Diamond and Pearl Adventures with the kid that could communicate with Pokemon, Platinum adventures with the two kids that are comedians and the rich girl Lady Berlitz, then there is Black and White that is up to 9 so far that has the kid Black working for White's talent agency and has the dream of winning the Pokemon League that consumes his thoughts.
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