Regional/National Dex progress

Regional/National Dex progress

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  1. Joseph-B2

    Yea, no kidding. I've come to terms with the fact that a lot of my valuable GTS stuff are clones. BUT!!

    A) when it comes to GTS, you can't let stuff like that get you done. I mean, hey, it's no different on my end!
    Why? Because...
    B) Clones >>>> hacks. A hacked PKMN is a total lie. A clone is fine for me as long as I'm not the one who signed off on the cloning process!

    um, I would have to check on the Mew and Rayquaza. I'm quite sure the Mew is at lvl 100 though. Was such a thing ever distributed?

    The Deoxys I find very cool though because I looked it up and it was part of the "Space Center" distribution from Houston, TX a few years back. How cool is that??


    Congratulations, sir!!
  2. Joseph-B2

    Shiny Charm get!

    Thanks for all your help, group!
  3. Typhlosionisafirebadger
  4. Catilena1890
    Yay Joe!

    I'm a little over halfway there. I got a Dream Radar Level 100 Ho-Oh from the GTS the other day. It's name is Phoenix. The guy who had it obviously cared about it because it looks like it's EV's were played with, and it has perfect moves and stuff. I was so grateful because he obviously cared about it, yet he was willing to take an Alakazam for it. Those Dream Radar legends are only encounterable once-per-file, so I would have never let it go except for something REALLY special. Short of a Shiny Lugia or something like that, it'd take a lot for me to part from a special mon like that. Needless to say, I will love Phoenix forever ;3;

    Also, I got my Shiny Female Dratini this morning. I hit the roof when she hatched XD
  5. Codface
    I got a Speed Boost Female Torchic in a trade.

    Clearly haxed since its owner was 0 and it had 0 in all IV (or at least I think that since the subway guy said they were all the same and sucked) plus its unreleased.

    Not to bothered its dodgy I've wanted to bred one for my team for a long time and I got it for a fair price imo. I'm going to bred a really nice stats one and enjoy playing with it on PWT. I see it as no worse than a clone since both require outside influence and while others might even see its bred offspring as "haxs" I'll just see a nicely trained pokemon I spent a couple of days training :D

    Should be a real fun tough bred too since turning a bad natured poor stats female into a supermon when the gender ratios are 1:7 is really tough.
  6. Joseph-B2

    That's real cool about the Dratini. Let me know if you ever need me to breed something for you! =)
  7. FallenIdol_453
    393/649! Thanks, SwampertShoes, for helping me with a giant transfer!
  8. Joseph-B2
    @Fallen - if you're in the chat tonight I can help breed some things for you
  9. SwampertShoes
    No problem, Julia! =] Anytime.
  10. FallenIdol_453
    Darn it, Joseph, I knew I should've come to the chat last night. Maybe next Wednesday?
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