Regional/National Dex progress

Regional/National Dex progress

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  1. Joseph-B2

    That's amazing, dude! You're so close!!

    I have a similar list. I put mine on google docs so that others (like you kind folks!) can see what I need "live" and help out if possible.

    >>> LINK <<<
  2. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    Omg guys you have all of those? Omggggg that's wild!
  3. Codface
    I do feel close. Alot of the stuff needed just requires lvling or transfering over from Gen 4.

    12 Down today (112 left). Nothing too hard yet :p
  4. Joseph-B2

    Well my list is the ones I DON'T have.


    If you make a Google like mine and post it maybe we can working on breeding missing Monz for each other?

    ... although, there probably aren't any I have that you don't.
  5. Boyblunt
    I can help with filling up to if you like. I know I've been mia of late, but I am ready to be regular again.
  6. Joseph-B2

    That'd be cool! I think I've been watering your Dream World garden lately, yea? =)

    And welcome back! I have no problem with people taking breaks... we all need them from time to time.... just as long as they come back ^_^
  7. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    In that case, I really think I can help!
  8. Joseph-B2
    Ty - great! let's talk on Wednesday!
  9. Codface
    Down to 102 plus I have another 14 or so on my W2 that need transfering over to B2 where I am doing the dex.

    So that makes 88 to go :D

    I'd be down to 87 since I found one I didnt have in DW but then a Smeagle female appeared and I just had to capture it ;p

    Joe - I can trade you over a few dozen. I dont have a living dex though. Mainly its all fully evolved ones and due to box space issues I tend to trade then onto my B1 and W2 cart to save space. My collection is mega disorganized
  10. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    So I've seen about 465 out of 649 and have personally obtained 272

    I want to get to 25 more in the unova dex so I can hit up the nature preserve
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