Regional/National Dex progress

Regional/National Dex progress

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  1. Narcisse
    I had a lot of fun building my 'living' dex :) and yeah, you should have enough room for all those other groups of Pokemon. Let me know if you ever wanna trade! Plus I'd love a JFF battle soon. My schedule should be cleared up in a few days (fingers crossed). I'd love to battle every group member :) You must be happy with the response of the group so far - good job!

    Back to the OP from Codface - I have enough of my National Dex to claim my prize in White2 once I've transferred all the Pokemon from White...however - I'm desperate for Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Shaymin and Meloetta. They are the only Pokemon I don't have out of all 649. (Or should that be 654...?) I didn't trade to get any of my Pokemon (apart from with myself)... do you guys think there will be events for any of those Pokemon or do you think I should just trade with people? I kinda wanted to get all 649 all by myself. But I don't think I'm gonna do that in X & Y. I really want a fresh start for Gen VI. I don't plan on trading any Pokemon over from BW/BW2 so I can just catch all the mons available in-game and then trade with people. Just like the good ol' days :)
  2. IceHippo95
    Since I've beaten the PWT, I'm making it my goal to get the National Dex completed before X and Y come out. I have no idea how many I have at the moment, but I'm pretty sure I have 300+ in total. The trading forum here has been really useful since I've now got Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and Mew(with Mew, I can now complete the Kanto Dex!). Hopefully the other regional Dexes won't be so bad since I have most of those legendaries now.
  3. Codface
    Well personally I would not touch the clone legendary trade market as it would feel tainted if I used those to finish up too easily. I looked at the guy with the celebi trade for a while but in the end was not willing to trade one of my chained shinys for one given they are clones (seriously if he can get unlimited why did he clone freaking idiot...). The only trade I have done was with Water Max for a Deoxy since his were not clones or anything and I paid him with a kings bounty of the 10 best DWF and 4-5 OS quality ones. Imo a trade is not a trade unless you are giving something up and me swopping something I spent 2-3 hours getting in exchange for a copy that took 5mins is not something I want to do.

    That is not to say I am 100% clean.
    I did AR the event items in platinum because I like the ingame events and felt nintendo should never of time barred those areas or at least released them. Yes I admit given the way I got them they are haxs, however would I go back and undo getting them? no I used shaymin on my BW2 playthrough all the way to lvl 100 at lvl 10 black tower, I leveled darkray to 100 elite 4 runs in BW to help exp share my trained mons and Arceus allowed me to see the HG/SS cool palkia/Dialga/Giratina birth event (which is fantastic and possible the best thing genIV). In fact I'd heartly recommend to anyone playing platinum to hax those items as they added an extra 10-15 hours gameplay for me with having to finish the regional dex and the enjoyment they gave.

    I am patient and am happy to wait for events for the 4 I do not have. When I do eventually get/trade them I want to feel I paid a fair price either by waiting time for the event or by paying a fair fee to the trader.
  4. Joseph-B2
    Lotta great chatter in here. I officially organized my Black 2 box in preparation of my "living Dex." I didn't stop to see how many I have... hmm... there are many, many holes though =) BUT! It will be fun to try and fill them all before Gen 6 arrives!!

    Not sure if I want to spend $40 for PKMN Emerald. =\ The GBA games are ... fine... but pale in comparison to the DS games. I don't know if I could "go back" like that. But, that's the only way I'll have access to Hoenn. hmm. We'll see.


    Yea! I'm really glad with what's come of the group so far! Unfortunately, a small percentage of those who have joined actually participate, BUT, hopefully that will change over time as more folks like yourself who signed up find the opportunity to get active! ^_^

    Thanks again!
  5. Boyblunt
    I currently am at 585. I stopped making babies and evolving for the moment to complete the type tournaments though.
  6. Joseph-B2
    So, now that I am nearing the end of my Soul Silver journey, I've started migrating some of my spare Monz to my copy of Black 2. According to my 'dex, I have 302 unique Monz. Not bad considering I haven't really begun my CATCH 'EM ALL onslaught, right? So, I'm a little under halfway to my Nat'l Dex goal!!

    How are the rest of you doing?
  7. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    uhh I haven't touched the legendaries (since I found out I don't need them for the unova dex) but I HAVE caught about 200, seen 458 or something

    i've always focused more on catching the ones I'd like to use and never really focused on the dex, but i wanna get in that nature preserve!
  8. Codface
    515 now. Still far to focused on breeding and messing about. Should be adding Haunter/Gengar this week though.
  9. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    I'm at 272 now (that was quick) so 25 more

    gonna see how I can do this
  10. Codface
    Finally getting around to this now.

    Created an Excel list of what I need.

    Broken it down by Gen and how they caught.

    Gen 1 - 33
    Gen 2 - 21
    Gen 3 - 38
    Gen 4 - 30
    Gen 5 - 2

    Total Remaining - 124

    Leveling a Pre Evo - 56
    Breeding a post Evo -11
    Events - 4
    Other more complex stuff (trade Evos, Xfers from Gen4 etc) - 48
    DW/GTS - 5

    Ok I think i going to do it one Gen at a time. Hopefully should be done by April unless I get side tracked trying to bred some I like.
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