Regional/National Dex progress

Regional/National Dex progress

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  1. Codface
    Since a few of us have targetted this as an aim I though I'd start an encouragement/help thread to chart progress.

    I'm currently at 505/649 national
    I mainly have a lot of middle/evolved ones needed. Got all the none event legendaries.

    Current aim is to evolve the gen 2-4 starters I have in bank to final form and transfer over some easy catchs from HG/SS
  2. Narcisse

    Good going man, 505 is a massive chunk of the national dex.

    Do you need Keldeo? I now have two, thanks to the currently ongoing event. (two event Keldeo in like... 3 months... yet no Meloetta. Hmmm)
  3. Codface
    Nah I got it from event too

    Plus I dont need event only legendarys for shiny charm
  4. Narcisse
    Aaaah of course! Yeah that's what I'm aiming for too. Finally a good reward for dex completion!
  5. Joseph-B2
    Awesome idea! I'll be working on the Nat'l Dex once I complete my playthrough of Soul Silver. I only have 4 badges, so, that'll still be a while. I have no access to the Hoenn region so that could be especially difficult. But hopefully we can all trade with each other and that should help things along!

    If you just trade and trade right back immediately that counts, doesn't it?

    Also, how do you guys store all these Monz? With only 24 boxes, I simply won't have room for all of them plus my usual box organization for the Monz I really care about.
  6. Narcisse
    Yeah trade-backs count for Pokedex entries.

    I'd never completed a National Dex (or Regional for that matter) before White. I just need to transfer them all over to White2 for my reward :) but that's gonna take aaaages thanks to the slightly tedious Poke Transfer system. It's a 'living' dex (meaning I actually have one of each Pokemon). I've arranged all the Pokemon by Dex number, starting a new box for a new region (e.g - after Arceus there are a lot of empty spaces...then Snivy is first in the next box). Arranging them like that takes up all of the 24 boxes. However, if you don't start a new box for every region you should have plenty of space for a little 'mini-arrangement' of the Pokemon you care about. Plus, if it's not a 'living' dex and you just have the dex entries for a lot of Pokemon, you'll have even more space. Do you keep hold of a lot of duplicates?
  7. Codface
    Well I'm never going to manage a living dex since I only want the end reward and I am far more focused on breeding/training pokemon that even tying up 15 boxes would be almost impossible. Guess I could do it on my W2 but I've started using that for egg/breeding too as needed space. The 505 I currently have is mainly from the fact I have over 100 unique DWF, couple of legendary boxes, all the starters and have bred trained up loads different pokemon.

    Might take me a while though, since when I need a tentacruel for the national dex I can't just evolve a normal tentacool, I have to breed a perfect tentacruel with egg moves or since I need a geodude I wont just get one from Platinum I have to go and get a shiny one or summit.
  8. Narcisse
    Yeah only having 24 boxes is definitely an issue if you're a breeder! Hopefully X&Y will introduce an updated storage system. Or just one with unlimited boxes lol.

    Out of interest, what do you mean about Tentacruel and Geodude? Is it because they are your favourite Pokemon?
  9. Codface
    Nope just I like to make every new pokemon I get special in some way. I hate just collecting normal ones for storaging.
  10. Joseph-B2
    I'll have to think of something. A "living dex" would be ideal. Right now I have pages of "tradable" Pokemon. I like to keep them around for GTS fodder or in case a friend needs one, or even so that I can easily send a PKMN from, say, White to Black 2 (since only 1:1 trades are allowed =\ ). But yea, I think I'm gonna do that. I'll be fun! And I'll still have a few pages to use for my "regional/current team," "special monz," and "ones that need training/breeding" ... hmmm... let's see how it goes!
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