Post your Newest Pokemon team member

Post your Newest Pokemon team member

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  1. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    I got Black 2 from Amazon and Black Ops 2 and Black Ops from Amazon all worked perfectly because they were new xD

    It should be easy to find the DS games used or new from somewhere but probably not Gen III good luck on your search anyways!
  2. Joseph-B2
    Last night I got together with some friends for the SuperBowl. Many of them were gamers and so they brought their (3)DSs. One of them was fairly early in White and I wanted to do something nice for a real-life Poke-friend. I told her to look through all my Monz and pick something she was interested in. I especially drew her attention to my doubles of Legendaries. She was interested in Kyurem (hadn't even seen one before) and so I looked through her very limited Monz and agreed to trade her my Kyurem for a cute lil' Darumaka.
  3. IceHippo95
    I really don't get what's so special about the Super Bowl. Sure, my family's team went to the game(and lost), but I don't get why everyone obsesses over it. I really don't get football in general.
  4. CynthiaLover
    I agree, IceHippo95, I just don't get it. Probably because I don't like and don't understand most sports, but I just don't see what the big whoop is about?

    On a side note, IceHippo95, whenever you want that Platinum, just drop me a PM and I'll take care of things from there. I could also throw in a spare Pearl w/ case, since one of that version is enough for me. Just let me know whenever you want and I'll set things up for you. Just say the word when you're ready.

    On topic, my newest battle partner is a Monferno. Yes, I bred an Infernape from another version to get me a Chimchar Egg to pass into this Platinum. Now it's very much like how my story is going to play out. Anyway, since the Infernape (male) mated with a Ditto, I got Flamethrower and Shadow Claw right off the bat. Currently, it's at Level 28, Bashful Nature, Highly Persistent, and knows Mach Punch, Flamethrower, Shadow Claw, and Leer. I'm thinking of replacing Leer with Thunder Punch, to fight off Water and Flying Pokemon, and since Shadow Claw covers Psychic, that only leaves Ground unchecked (which is how it'll probably stay). As for Mach Punch, I'm not sure if I want to replace it, and if I do, I'm not sure between Brick Break, Focus Blast, or Close Combat. Mach Punch is the weakest, but hits the fastest, and has the highest PP. Brick Break is my other route, though it's just a little stronger than Mach Punch, but Close Combat packs a mean punch, though it lowers Defense and Special Defense. On the other hand, Focus Blast would feed off his (currently) higher Special Attack stat, but it's inaccurate, plus low PP. So what should it be: Mach Punch, Brick Break, Close Combat, or Focus Blast? What do you guys think?
  5. IceHippo95
    I may be a bit biased here, but I prefer Brick Break over Close Combat. I really don't know why(it might be because I'm much more familiar with it), but I like the fact that it can break through Light Screen and Reflect(which is extremely helpful in certain cases). I'm not too familiar with Focus Blast, and the times that I used it, it would almost always miss. You could also try Close Combat and see how that works out.
  6. CynthiaLover
    I've decided to teach him Vacuum Wave. I know, it's the same general idea as Mach Punch, but since it's a Special type move, and his Special Attack stat is higher than his Attack, I thought I'd try it. I've never used Vacuum Wave before, but for Infernape, it works really well. Since it's a Special type move, it's able to hit normally high defense Mons much harder. Even when he was just at Lv 40, one Vacuum Wave could knock a Lv 35 Steelix down to 1/3rd HP or lower instantly, while Mach Punch couldn't do half that, despite being the same general attack. So I'm going with Vacuum Wave, especially since I'm not in the mood to trade another Brick Break TM over, and Close Combat and Focus Blast can be too much of a gamble, so now Hotshot's got two Physical and two Special moves. Seems to balance him out more, at least to me.
  7. gppl
    I was thinking of going and catching Latias as the last member of my main team in White 2, but I'm not quite sure. So far I've got Vaporeon, Ampharos, Serperior, Mamoswine, and Emboar. Not fully sure about that, though. What do you guys think?
    Speaking of buying Pokemon Games, I just bought Pokemon FireRed on eBay! I'll finally play through (the original) Kanto, I can't wait until it comes!
  8. IceHippo95
    I forgot that Vacuum Wave even existed. So few Pokémon can even learn it in the first place, and then you never see it used in game. It seems like a solid choice for a move for a Pokémon like Infernape.

    Latias looks like it would be a good fit for your team. Just remember that Latias can only be caught in the aftergame(I think it carries the Soul Dew when you catch it). FireRed is a good game. It isn't my favorite, but it isn't my least favorite either. It's somewhere in the middle. I wish it had the day/night cycle like Ruby/Sapphire did(It was actually there. How else would you be able to grow berries, explore Shoal Cave, and evolve Eevee into Espeon/Umbreon?).
  9. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    I started Black 2 over and my team is
  10. IceHippo95
    I really like your team so far(I love Snivy and Mareep!). For your final member, I would suggest Excadrill for a Ground/Steel type or Flygon for a Ground/Dragon type. Either one would help with Electric types that may threaten your team(they can also be found early in the game I think).

    Well, I went and bought Sapphire(blue's my favorite color) just now on Amazon from a very good seller(98% positive rating;4.9 stars out of 5), and it should be here sometime in the next couple of weeks. My friend couldn't find his spare Sapphire over the weekend, so I'm keeping my FireRed(maybe I shouldn't get rid of it after all) for now and I'll be on the lookout for Platinum(or Diamond/Pearl if I'm desperate) or Emerald/Ruby. Or I could try to find a GBA link cable for the giggles.
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