Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y

  1. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    So hopefully this group isn't too dead! Let's start reviving it!

    So who's getting this either on release or in the near future? I know I am! I ordered it, if I'm lucky then it will arrive Saturday or worst comes to worse it will be here next week :(

    What starter are you going to pick also? I'm going to probably go with Fennekin even though I like all of them

    And what are you thinking as a starting party? I want to get a Fletching, hopefully its available early in the game too because I want a Talonflame :D
  2. Not BAMF
    Not BAMF
    Are we still interested in doing a First Playthrough Team tournament? :)
  3. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    It could always be done I think it would be a good idea too
  4. Not BAMF
    Not BAMF
    Boy, where did everyone go in the last few months. This group used to be awesome.
  5. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    I know! I tried getting it going again, but it's just you and me :P maybe I'll remake the group
  6. Joseph-B2
    Sorry for not getting the word out better, but ...


    >>> NinTemple.com | JFF.PKMN
  7. Boyblunt
    I will check out nintemple.com.
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