Introduce Yourself Here

Introduce Yourself Here

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  1. Joseph-B2
    @Not BAMF

    "...I hate the constant barrage of Drought and Rain teams. I like to see more originality!" I totally agree!!

    I also really love Triple battles, so, anytime!


    Thanks for the background info, friend!
  2. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: I play Black and Black 2 and HeartGold when I can find it!
    Black: 1679-1475-4975
    Black 2: I started over so need to get it again
    Your PKMN history: I started with the TCG and anime when it started in Hoenn. Then for a birthday one year I got Sapphire but didnt understandf the video games much I really started getting into the games with the release of DPPt when I got Diamond!
    How you heard about us: I saw the post in the forums
    Why you joined: I want to have some for fun battles and slowly get more competitive (not to the point of EV training though)
  3. Joseph-B2
    Welcome, MTD! Welcome! Glad to have you aboard!
  4. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    thanks for the welcome!
  5. CynthiaLover
    Okay, for anyone who is interested, here's the start of the story that my Platinum is based off of. The series is called "Battle From the Heart". It's still a work in progress, with four chapters written but only one posted. Let me know what you guys think of it. Also, read the author's note in the beginning, to get the general idea. Okay, that's all for now.
  6. gppl
    Hello everyone, I am gppl!
    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: I've got White 2 and HeartGold, but all my good Pokemon are in White 2. Since my DS Lite's charger socket is broken, my WFC settings get reset daily when I have to remove the battery to charge it. So my friend codes are "subject to change" (I'm working on fixing that, though!)
    Your PKMN history: It's an interesting story. It started last year when my mom bought me a graphing calculator, a TI-nSpire CX. My friends told me to look into putting games on it, so I did. I found out there was a Gameboy color emulator for it, so I installed that. I was searching for GBC roms (never had a GBC before) and saw some Pokemon ones. I downloaded gold, mostly because at the time I didn't know very much about pokemon, so I figured that gold would be the best. I beat that game after having played it in geometry class every day (fortunately, I am good at math and could do this and still get an A). When that school year ended, I decided to watch the Pokemon Anime. (I got to season 8). Near the end of that summer, I was browsing through a local resale store and they had a real Gameboy color for sale. I got that and a pokemon silver game online. After going near blind due to the non-light display, I bought a GBA SP. I also bought a Pokemon Ruby game off somebody at my school (for $2 :P ) to go with the SP. One of my friends brought his GBA and Emerald game in and we link-cable battled during lunch break. That's how I discovered the 'competitive' side of Pokemon. I got a Pokemon White 2 game for Christmas, bought a DS, and now do wireless battles with that.
    How you heard about us: I saw your group while looking through the 'social groups' tab, and liked the idea.
    Why you joined: I joined because I don't have the time to do elaborate EV/IV/whatever training and like the idea of doing normal battles.
  7. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    Hey welcome to the group! I wish they had the emulator for the TI-84 Plus but hey I still get the Puzzle Pack
  8. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    My Black 2 FC is: 2828-9454-3249
  9. Joseph-B2
    welcome gppl! I like your backstory. looking forward to playing with you sometime and good luck with your FC situation! =P
  10. SwampertShoes
    Hi! =] Happy to be here! ^^ I'm Celeste. Before joining officially, I wanted to ask…how far are the ideas in this group along? =] I just mean, I wanted to join early, and an odd part of me is hoping I'm not too late to be involved and all. I read about “homemade” gym leaders, and I thought it was awesome!
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