Introduce Yourself Here

Introduce Yourself Here

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  1. Boyblunt
    Hey everybody. My username is Boyblunt, but my friends call me The Boy. That's my name on the PGL.

    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: I have Black, Black 2 (0991-9603-0986) and White 2
    Your PKMN history: I have been playing since Yellow.
    How you heard about us: Saw the post and had to join.
    Why you joined: With so much time being put into training for the "perfect" Pokemon we got away from just having fun. I want to get back to that.
  2. Joseph-B2
    Quote Originally Posted by Boyblunt
    With so much time being put into training for the "perfect" Pokemon we got away from just having fun. I want to get back to that.
    Heck yea!
  3. CynthiaLover
    Okay then. Time for a little update. Time to add my Platinum to my list, so here it is.

    Platinum (Geo): 0390-8005-0324

    A bit of trivia on this particular Platinum; most, if not all the Pokemon being used are based off the Pokemon story series I'm working on, under the same character name of Geo. There will probably be some differences (namely Geo has caught two Starters: Turtwig and Chimchar, while, obviously, this game only has one Starter), but for the most part they're the same. Also using the same nicknames from the stories (both stories and game are still in development, but I'll get there). Just a bit of fun (pointless, but fun) trivia.
  4. Boyblunt
    Nice. I used to try to use the teams from the graphic novels, but it became impractical after a while.
  5. Joseph-B2

    I think stuff like that is AWESOME!! Do you have a link to this story of yours?
  6. CynthiaLover

    Sorry, no. I just started the story series (only on chapter 3), and, being the paranoid perfectionist that I am, haven't posted any of it yet. I'll probably post it here when I get both the courage and desire to do so. But I'll let you know when I do, I just have to get over a few confidence issues first, especially since, in the past, I've been heavily flamed when I've written something then posted it on the internet (though, a goodly portion of that was directed to my writing style, which was heavily flawed now that I look back at it, but still, I don't take that kind of chewing out well). But I'm glad you've taken an interest in it, which gives me more courage to post something sooner.
  7. Narcisse
    Hey everyone! I just wanted to post here to say hello. I'll post a proper introduction soon, I just wanted to apologise for being a member of the group since the beginning yet not taking part in any battles! Unfortunately, work and family commitments have been taking over my evenings recently. Anyway, I am still very much interested in taking part in J.F.F battles.

    Great to see so much interest in the group!
  8. Joseph-B2
    Welcome! Welcome! It doesn't matter how quickly or how frequently people participate - just as long as they do!!
  9. Not BAMF
    Not BAMF
    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: I mostly use Black for WFC stuff. My FC is in my profile. :)

    Your PKMN history: I was a freshman in college when Pokemon first hit it big in the US. I downloaded the ROMs for R/B and later, Yellow and just fell in love with the games. I have played and enjoyed every generation since.

    How you heard about us: I just joined this week, and the topic was at the top of the Battle board, so I checked it out. I dug the title and love casual battles!

    Why you joined: See above. I enjoy playing on Wi-Fi randoms, but I hate the constant barrage of Drought and Rain teams. I like to see more originality!

    As a side note, I LOVE Triple Battles. I'm not a huge fan of Singles because they're too blah and straight-forward to me. Triples are my absolute favorite because there's so much more strategy involved. Doubles are fine, too, I guess. :)
  10. IceHippo95
    WiFi PKMN Games: I mainly play with White/White 2, but I do have SoulSilver. If you ever want to fight me, just ask. :)

    Your PKMN History: I've been playing on and off since I was in Kindergarten in 2000-2001. I started with a rather accurate bootleg of Gold and Silver, and played those until they were fried. Because of only playing Gen 2, I missed out on all of Gen 3(I did catch up a bit of these though) and most of Gen 4(still haven't played any Sinnoh games, I will buy Platinum soon though), but I got back into the loop with SoulSilver and later White and White 2.

    How you heard about us: I saw the topic up on the battle forum and it really caught my eye. I then joined a couple days later, and here I am now.

    Why you joined: I'm not much of a competitive battler(only know the basics of EVs and IVs), and I've been playing with my favorites since I was 5. I also hate how there's little creativity in the competitive scene. It's basically the same teams in different forms.

    I have a soft spot for Doubles and Triples, but I will play any battle style.
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