Introduce Yourself Here

Introduce Yourself Here

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  1. Typhlosionisafirebadger
    i love these nicknames, esp ghidorah for that hydreigon

    latest nicknames I've had were RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE for my poliwrath (I think it's fitting) and Axel the Axew/now Fraxure
  2. Catilena1890
    @SwampertShoes I can't honestly say anyone has. I never really talk about my pokemon other than Sneer at VS, though we all had a good chuckle when I pointed out Diamond and Pearl. And sure, I'd be happy to battle you with them, though they have a massive gap in power, Diamond hasn't been as trained as Pearl. She's got her EVs maxed out and everything, but she's still just level 87. Pearl is my tank XD

    As for the origins:

    The list goes on XD
  3. SwampertShoes
    VS? And well, if she's over level 50, then we can just do a level cap to revert our Pokemon to that level. ^^ Isn't it awesome to have a tank! So sturdy. :D

    Aw! Omg, you saved her from abusive trainers? :O That's good that she's out of their hands! >:c
    Wow, memories of Mystery Dungeon. Flooding back. ;_; *Fans self with hand*
    I like that character of your Haxorus! ^^
    Summoned and hatched Suicune?
  4. Catilena1890
    VS = VictorySeekers, my pokemon RP site :P

    Yeah Sneer and I met in a dream *a literal dream, I was sleeping and saw her and stuff in my dream*. I wanted to start my journey with a Snivy so I could have a Serperior, but Juniper ran out of starters except for a Tepig, so I had to start with that, and that Tepig was very mean and nasty to me, and got worse when he evolved to Emboar. Then I saw a guy in a forest kicking a Snivy around and literally just abusing the hell out of the poor thing, so I got pissed, threatened to report him to Officer Jenny if he didn't trade that Snivy to me for my Emboar, and he went away after throwing her pokeball at me and taking Emboars. I named her Sneer because of the nasty look she gave me, and we were best bros ever since <3

    LoL I LOVE Mystery Dungeon, I can't wait for Magnagates <3

    And thank you! I think she's adorable <3

    Yeah, pokemon pet sites like pokefarm tend to make Legends hard to get, and in order to get them you have to have an item to summon the egg and hatch it.
  5. SwampertShoes
    Oh! Noting that. ^^

    Whoa. ._. That's so sweet. Well, kinda. I wonder what happened to him and the Emboar. ._. You must've been really excited about playing the games. XD
    Ikr!! Ah!!
    Ditto. ;D A fanfic of all of them would be sorta fun. XD All team's stories would be awesome, lol.
    Ohh! I thought it was in your game. XD That was very nice. =]
  6. Catilena1890
    I dunno, I didn't like him OR Emboar so I didn't care, and I wasn't as excited about playing Black and White as much as I was excited about Serperior. It's like, my favorite pokemon ever <3

    Lawl Let's not get into Mystery Dungeon fanfics, that could go on for infinity XD

    And nope. Ranny the Suicune's origins are in Pokefarm.
  7. FallenIdol_453
    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: Black (4385-1345-8522; trainer name is Touko) and Black 2 (5244-0942-6506; trainer name is Rosa). I have SoulSilver and Platinum too, but they're not battle-ready yet.

    Your PKMN history: I've been playing the games since I was about seven years old... so about 13-14 years now.

    How you heard about us: Found the thread Joseph-B2 posted and liked it. However, I didn't join until a few days ago because I couldn't figure out how to join, until someone posted a small how-to on doing it.

    Why you joined: I wanted to have battles with the 'mons I caught in the wild and just have fun with them, instead of, say, going to Random Matchup and getting my butt handed to me by some team that's clearly meant for competitive play.

    Looking forward to talking to everyone. :D I see some people I've traded with in the past... so, hello all!
  8. gppl
  9. FallenIdol_453
    Thank you, @gppl;!
  10. Joseph-B2
    yes, welcome FallenIdol! I look forward to your participation in the group!! ^_^
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