Introduce Yourself Here

Introduce Yourself Here

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  1. gppl
    Cat, welcome!
    @SS, If you want a mudkip, I recently transferred some I bred in Ruby up through the generations to W2.
  2. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    Welcome the group Cat!
  3. SwampertShoes

    Aw, lol. Just imagine 'im playin' with the little ones. XD Imagination~
    Which do you play as your main? So you...hatch them in Black, and train them in White 2?
  4. Catilena1890
    No, everyone in Black is just chilling right now. White 2 is the center of all my activities right now *though most of my pokemon are in Black* I don't have a way to trade between the two games because they are on the same DS, and there's a glitch in the Identification Data in my Black card that keeps my 3DS from reading it.
  5. Joseph-B2
    Welcome, Cat!

    Quote Originally Posted by Catilena1890
    I wholly believe that if you really love a pokemon, you should use it. Charizard has as much right to be on a battling team as Garchomp, Flareon has as much right as Espeon.
    That's perfect!! ^_^
  6. SwampertShoes
    That's so weird! My 3DS doesn't really like internet connection, so I'm bonded with my DSi. You think if you traded to a different game, then to your White 2, it would work? Like including the middle-man?
  7. Mikes Gardevoir
    Mikes Gardevoir
    I only use my DSi because that is the only thing I have xD I want a 3DS though I'll get it closer to the release of X and Y though
  8. gppl
    I use my DS Lite, it's all I have. I just sold loads of stuff on ebay to get a 3DS (about a third there), but I might (the person's not sure if they can sell it yet) spend a lot of that buying a Game boy Micro. So much for saving up :P
  9. SwampertShoes
    Y'mean your brother's? X3

    Game Boy Micro? Is that before the Advance?
  10. Catilena1890
    @Joseph-B2 Indeed, thus my thoughts of this group <3

    @SwampertShoes Of course, I have my friends help me trade over pokemon to my white 2 all the time. In fact, my baby sister helped me get my Shiny Eevee pair yesterday by trading my Shiny Oddish onto White 2. The problem is, I was going for Pokedex Completion back in Sapphire, so I literally have a TON of pokemon, and it'd be irritating to the middleman to be stuck in the Wi-Fi club for HOURS just trading, plus my games like to troll me and take forever to get me in the wifi room and stuff. I only trade between my games when it's needed.

    I pretty much use my 3DS just for diamond right now, so when I get to the part where Pal Park is accessible everything will go to White 2, since the PokeTransfer works fine. :3
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