Introduce Yourself Here

Introduce Yourself Here

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  1. Joseph-B2
    Hey there JFFers. We can use this thread for new and old members alike to introduce themselves to the group. A good template for introductions might be something like ....

    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs:
    Your PKMN history:
    How you heard about us:
    Why you joined:

    So, mine would be ...

    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: Black 2 (3096-5147-6852), Platinum (1421-3543-1738)
    Your PKMN history: Got started real late with Pokemon Platinum back around 2008. I watch the PKMN movies when they come out, and these days I just got started reading the PKMN Adventures manga. It's great!!
    How you heard about us: um, I started the Group!
    Why you joined: Because "competitive" PKMN battles are more like "frustrating/annoying/tedious" PKMN battles. Real competition can just as easily come from a team made for fun! It's kind of like playing basketball with your friends versus playing basketball in the NBA.... kind of.
  2. CynthiaLover
    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: White 2 (0562-4743-3930)
    Your PKMN history: Been with the series from the start, though faded in and out every so often. I even introduced the series to my previous area.
    How you heard about us: Just happened to notice the thread Joseph-B2 posted and decided to check it out. Glad I did.
    Why you joined: Competitive battling is too intense (and frightening), plus the teams are so overpowered and unmanageable, and I prefer to play for fun from the start. So this group was a blessing to me. Finally, playing the game the way it was meant to be, not turning it into the next spectator sport.
  3. GameCubeController
    Yo I'm GameCubeController aka GCN or GCC or GCNC or Shaby. I've always been interested in the competitive pokemon world, but never been one to train effort values. I do spend a lot of time breeding for the right nature though. When I look for pokemon to put in a team, I don't usually choose weaker pokemon. However, I never focus on tiers to decide if a pokemon is good. I don't have Gen 5 yet, but I hope to do some 4th gen battles with you guys.
  4. Joseph-B2

    It's cool, buddy. Since these are "just for fun" I'm sure we'll find a place for just your style here in the group. Gen 4 is my favorite (it was my first) so I will gladly put together some teams and battle with you sometime!

    Speaking of Gen 4, do you have any interest in taking on some Battle Tower challenges with me via online co-op?? I'm pretty sure you can do that over wifi in Gen 4 ... but not 5 =(

    Anything in particular keeping you from plunging in to Gen 5??

    Once again, welcome aboard!
  5. Codface
    WiFi PKMN Games & FCs: I'm mainly on my back 2 cart for online play but I have Platinium, HG, SS, B, W and W2 as well.

    Your PKMN history: I hadnt played for 3-4 years since Emerald. Then I got the gf a DSlite and bought B1. I then went crazy and played everything. Bar completing the National Dex on a cart I think I done most everything else.

    How you heard about us: saw topic

    Why you joined: hopefully to have a few good battles and to help others. I'm more into training and breeding than competitive battling and find it disheartening when I send a whiscash I spent 5hours making online to get one shot by some shiny legendary. I really dont want to play online in a system where unless I get a pokegene or pc software I'll always be at a disadvantage no matter how good a breeder or how much effort I put in.
    If anyone ever wants a a truly legitimate breedable pokemon let me know :)
    I kind of want to make a fish team that others can try challenging. Yes it would be EV/IV trained but given they'd all be water I dout they'd be too tough.
  6. Joseph-B2
    Welcome, Codface! Glad to have you here.

    Yea, you can certainly use your EV/IV trained team so long as your OPPONENT KNOWS and AGREES to it =) Who knows, could be a nice challenge for a special event.

    And yes, I think we all know the pain of lovingly training a favorite PKMN only to have them one-shotted by some shiny legendary (grrrr!!!!).

    Welcome, again!

    PS - as a clear water-type expert, I've always wondered, how do fish PKMN get around on land? do they just kind of float in the air? do they bring a bubble of water with them? I must know!
  7. Codface
    Yer I never got that either. I am yet to see an episode of the anime explaining it. I guess it is why Misty didnt last as long as Brock in the Anime.

    And no worries give me a couple of weeks and I'll have a fish team challange for people to beat on.
    I've set myself a tough restriction.
    All of my team has to be from Water 2 Egg group plus not in any other group. Giving me a pool of around 8 viable choices.
  8. unShinyUmbreon
    My name is unShinyUmbreon, well not in real life of course...
    Anyways, yeah about my friend code. I have Black 2, and I am having trouble retrieving it. It says that I need to log in to Nintendo WFC...what does that mean?
    I didn't hear about it...I just stumbled across it. I liked the sound of it so I joined!
  9. Joseph-B2

    I'm currently reading the PKMN manga so if I get to a fish pkmn I'll let you know =) So far Misty's Starmie kinda floats around in the air and Gyarados is always in a body of water. ... I'll keep you posted on this pressing issue =)


    Welcome! I'm sure if you do a Google search on how to set up your Black 2 friend code/wifi you'll find something valuable. It's not hard, but I don't remember the specific steps off the top of my head. Glad you were interested in joining!
  10. unShinyUmbreon
    @Joseph-B2 Thanks! I'll try. And once I retrieve it, I would really like to have a battle with you! :DD
    I have great ideas in mind. Like tournaments and stuff! ^^
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