Group Rules and Plans

Group Rules and Plans

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  1. Codface
    Anyone for a battle

    My fc is 5329 9839 6464
    Its a new one since it reset my code when switched to 3ds
    I am on Chatzy at moment
  2. Joseph-B2
    I'm in both rooms. Patiently awaiting CodFace's response in the Chatzy. =)

    UPDATE: CL, Codface and myself are in the Chatzy room havin' a grand ol' time. Join in!
  3. IceHippo95
    Hey guys!
    I just have to finish my homework and I should be able to battle for a while.
  4. Joseph-B2
    Well, it was another successful JFF Battle night! CynthiaLover, Codface, IceHippo95 and myself all had some epic battles, some trades, and some nice chat. Hope to play with more of you in the future!!
  5. Codface
    Good fun. Hopefully I'll have an all fish team ready next week. Was disappointed didnt scale them up....
    Exactly what I wanted from a group. No pressure to win and purely about seeing things outside the overused rubbish on random match ups.
  6. Boyblunt
    I will definitely be in attendance next week. I forgot all about the site after I finally got my Drought Vulpix.
  7. Joseph-B2

  8. Boyblunt
    You are right on the money Codface. You learn so much when you're able to just have fun. You are a genius Joseph. I can't wait to try out my other type teams against everyone.
  9. Joseph-B2

    lol! thanks, buddy! =P
  10. Codface
    Anyone active tonight in Chatzy if are :)
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