Group Rules and Plans

Group Rules and Plans

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  1. EpicPokemon12
    Are we aloud to make our own threads in this group?
  2. Joseph-B2
    Yup!!! Go right ahead!

    If anything needs to be combined or removed I'll moderate. .... at least I think I can do that. =)
  3. Boyblunt
    The library has reduced hours during the holiday season anyway so I'm glad we won't be getting started until after they are over. Has anyone tried the downloadable teams at the PWT from the actual World Tournament? I'm happy to knock out just one of the opposing Pokemon. For the record I hate Cresselia, Tyranitar, Hitmontop, Zapdos, Garchomp, Scizor and Gastrodon.
  4. Joseph-B2
    I've tried the PWT Champion teams once or twice. They were too tough!! Maybe someday ...
  5. Shadows
    I'm horrible at PWT. :P Maybe if I actually put some thought into raising my team I could do better. XD
  6. Codface
    Pwt champions are easy enough if handled right. They are complete set up bait due to lack of switching. I hammered them all with lucicolo just using leech seed and protect/sub spam. As for the dlc they all massively vunerable to burn due to physical reliance. Still I dont like fact world champions use 31 maxed stats legendaries. Kind of defeats whole point of playing when world best trainers use clearly rng/haxed pokemon.
  7. Joseph-B2
    Quote Originally Posted by Codface
    Kind of defeats whole point of playing when world best trainers use clearly rng/haxed pokemon.
  8. IceHippo95
    Thank you very much for letting me join! If I remember correctly, 4pm MST is the same as 6pm EST. I may not be able to do this every Wednesday though, due to school and personal stuff.
    Anyway, here is my White 2 FC: 3010-6523-5582 and my Trainer name is Kris.
    Is it possible that we can have a thread where new members can introduce themselves to the group?
    I managed to beat the Champion Tournament yesterday. It was somewhat difficult until I got to Steven. He absolutely wrecked my team. He shred it to bits and stomped on it. I'll get back at him someday...
  9. Joseph-B2
    REMINDER: Meet up in the Bulba chat tonight at 8PM EST for our weekly JFF battle night! Hopefully the holiday season has settled down a bit and more people can participate tonight. =) See you there!


    Cool. I'll be adding your W2 FC later and I hope to see you whenever you can make it!

    I'll get right on the Introduction thread.
  10. Mitchman
    Haha this is gonna be fun and the times perfect thanks to the time zones.
    My Black 2 friend code is: 4385 0399 1516
    Only thing is that firefox isn't handling the chatbox at all, so I dunno if I can be part of this in the end.
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