Group Rules and Plans

Group Rules and Plans

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  1. Joseph-B2
    Group Rules:
    #1. Do not use EV/IV trained Pokémon for battles arranged within this group.
    #2. Use whatever Pokémon and strategies that make you happy, not simply the ones you think will get you the win.
    #3. Set the battle's level cap at 50.
    #4. Win with honor. Lose with even more honor.
    #5. Have fun. C'mon... it's Pokémon!!

    So what are we gonna, y'know, do?

    Group Plans:
    1. Weekly Battle Nights
    A) Every Wednesday evening from 6pm EST to [as late as people want] we'll meet up in our Official JFF Chatroom ( Official JFF Chatroom ). If you join the room and find it empty, perhaps use this Group's message board to notify others to join you.
    B) Exchange friend codes if you haven't already (probably a good idea to add JFFPB Group member's friend codes in advance).
    C) Have fun battling using the rules above!

    2. Occasional JFFPB Tournaments
    It's a misconception to think competitive and overly competitive are the same thing. So, just for fun, we can arrange some exciting tournaments now and then. We can have Group members (myself at first if need be) Photoshop some "Badges" to give to winners. Who knows, we'll figure it out! But, it'll be good times!
  2. Boyblunt
    This is so cool! We didn't start yesterday did we? 6PM EST is a great time too. If anyone wants a JFF battle tonight around 6 let me know. My FC is 0991-9603-0986. The one thing we do need is level ranges.
  3. That Guy
    That Guy
    I don't know what time 6pm EST is where I am, but at a guess, I'd say it's 11pm or so, so I wouldn't be able to take part. However-- and I assume this is okay alongside the weekly battle nights-- I can do individual battles if people VM me to arrange them in advance. I'm not likely to turn down a JFF battle in that situation.
  4. Narcisse

    I just want to state for the record now that I'll be back home from Christmas until after New Year so it's unlikely that I'll be around to battle next Wednesday and possibly the Wednesday after but I can assure you I will be very much up for this as soon as my schedule is back to normal.

    @-Joseph-; Thanks very much for getting the ball rolling!

    My FC is 0820-2368-8419

    Finally some battles for my Psyduck...
  5. Joseph-B2
    These are in my forum profile but,
    Platinum: 1421-3543-1738
    Black 2: 3096-5147-6852


    No, we didn't start yesterday. It will be every Wednesday going forward. As Confidemus said, it will probably be tough to meet up around the holidays but once the season settles down I think we'll really get the JFFs going.

    Yes, we will definitely need to manage levels. I think I'll add "set level cap at 50" to the rules. Anyone not OK with that?

    I'll be adding your FC today!

    @That Guy

    OF COURSE that's OK! =)
    Yes, obviously anyone in this group can arrange JFF battles on their own. I just figured having a "meeting time" would give us some structure and make sure things didn't die off after a month =P

    I'll be adding your BW2 FCs today!


    Yea, absolutely. I'm sure a bunch of people (myself included?) will be busy during the next week or so, but I figure IF anyone's around, they can certainly take advantage of the group.

    I'll be adding your FC today! Is that B2 or W2?
  6. CynthiaLover
    Wow, I'm impressed how fast you got this set up. Great work. I can't wait to partake in this. Sadly, the holidays will take up most of my free time (especially since I have to cook), but once that's said and done, I'll gladly take part in this. Finally, a place where casual, fun battles can take place without all the tension and ridiculously overpowered Pokemon that most players have.

    BTW, before I forget, here's my White 2 FC, since it'll be the version I'll use for this. Thanks for starting this. We needed a place just to have fun, as the game was meant to be.

    Game name: Nova
    White 2 FC: 0562-4743-3930
  7. Shadows
    Wow, this was set up really fast!

    Here's my White FC: 0948-8569-6172 and my trainer name is Maya.
    I might not be able to battle very often since my brother shares the DS with me and he's such a hog... :P
  8. Joseph-B2
    Hey I wasn't lying when I said I was pretty good at getting things started =)

    But thanks very much for the kind words!
  9. EpicPokemon12
    Really happy to be a part of this group! Thanks for accepting me in!
  10. Joseph-B2
    I had to change my forum name again (the dash at the beginning of my previous name was upsetting the Bulba chat room!).

    I'll be starting another thread in a few minutes that can be used to arrange battles at random times.


    Absolutely! Thanks for wanting to join!!
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