Entree Abuse

Entree Abuse

  1. Codface
    These are what this guide offers:

    This guide can allow you to get any pokemon from lvl 1 to lvl 50 in under 10minutes.
    It can massively speed up your national dex hunt speed. Collect those 5% pokemon from dust clouds by making them suddenly become common pokemon in clouds that appear far more often.
    It can make you richer than god and mean you never have to trade for certain rare items ever again.

    Warning the following might make you reconsider your pokemon existence and rethink your playing. Plus it might depress you if you want super fast exp and only have White 2.

  2. Joseph-B2
    Thanks so much for posting this!! I'm trying to master the techniques and so far I think it will really improve my PKMN experience and especially my Nat'l Dex quest!
  3. istore
    Kicking myself for buying White 2 since I had Black already, but very good guide, thank you for posting.
  4. Joseph-B2
    Is there a mission that I can get a Moonstone from? I've been doing the Ores one in Black 2 but no such luck!
  5. Codface
    No none of them give moon stones as far as I am aware.

    Best bet for moon stones is to go giant chasm with a pokemon with trace Frisk and go looking for Lunetones and Clefairies (5% drop each). Or you could do what I did for the rare moon stone monsters and repel search for shaking grass till they appear (again usually 5%). The game does have alot of moon stones hidden around too.
  6. Joseph-B2
    Cool! I'll try that later! Thanks!
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