Who's That Inazuma Eleven Character?

Who's That Inazuma Eleven Character?

  1. Agent K
    Agent K
    This is just like the 'Who's That Pokémon?'' games, except with Inazuma Eleven characters. If you don't know how they work, one person will post a short description of an Inazuma Eleven character, and then everyone else will have to guess it. The first person to guess the right answer will then create a short description for everyone to answer.

    Since no-one's already posted a short bio, I guess I'll start. This character is the captain of Diamond Dust and later the co-captain of Chaos. One of his/her (depending on where you live) is Northen Impact.
  2. Okamidna
    <3 her


    she shares her dub name with a harry potter character. she has blue eyes and plays for a team in the genisis
  3. Agent K
    Agent K
    Well, you were supposed to wait for me to confirm that you had the right answer before posting another bio, but I guess I'll let it slide this once since Gazelle is the right answer.

    Anyway, for yours, I'm guessing Ulvida? *doesn't know many dub names that aren't in Season 1*
  4. Italy-kun
    Bellatrix, although I am completely at a loss as far as her jap name or who else to use that wouldn't be obvious.
  5. Okamidna
    oops. i didnt know

    your both right :)
  6. Agent K
    Agent K
    I guess I'll take the opportunity. This character likes surfing, but hates carrots.
  7. Neonsands
  8. Agent K
    Agent K
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